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  1. I just bought a 32 pb convertble an I need to install th top frame and some wood.Does anyone have any pics or better yet a manual GOD BLESS Rockin'4 JESUS Randy
  2. I think mind is a pb because the doors are backwards Do you know where to get a manual on how to install the top are any pics GOD BLESS Rockin'4 JESUS Randy
  3. I just got a 32 plymouth converible thats mostly put together but the top frame is not installed is there anyboby tant has any pics how to installed.Any kind of help would be great GOD BLESS Rockin'4 JESUS Randy
  4. I am building a 32 plymouth can you send pics and phone number GOD BLESS Rockin'4 JESUS Randy
  5. lookin to buy a 1932 plymouth give me a call 903 399 6688 or send me your number GOD BLESS Randy
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