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  1. I'm looking for a fan and pulley for a fast four for a 1929 fire truck. Thanks
  2. I'm looking for a fan and pulley for a 1929 fire engine with the fast four.
  3. We found an engine and after replacing lots of missing bake and fuel system parts the truck is up and running and getting ready to head back to the fire department. Engine is a fast four. The ignition and light switch combo, out at last that's what I think it had, is missing. Anyone have one or have photos of a dash showing what it looked like?
  4. Has to have a matching vin plate to be useful, but those can be purchased blank and punched with the correct number. I've done it for a jeep and several fire trucks, since fire trucks seldom were titled. In those cases I did actually have a title but whoever made them used the wrong number or made one up so I had to make a plate that matched. The sheriff who comes to inspect here in Colorado doesn't seem to care as long as they match. I suppose it could be illegal in some way but it's a victimless crime. It cost over a thousand dollars for a friend to get a title for his Amphicar through a
  5. G&K machine in Denver does nice gear work too.
  6. I got mine from Lloyd Young in Canal Winchester Ohio but don't know of he is still selling them. His are modified r11 units. Works great.
  7. The tube coming out of the exhaust is not original, at least not on my phaeton.
  8. Spark plug boots, alternator, hose clamps, all details but they give you an idea of the overall authenticity. The most glaring to me is the plastic wiring and use of crimp on connectors with colored plastic ends. If they missed the easy stuff what else is wrong? That said if you want a driver it could be fine. If you want it judged it wasn't done with an eye towards that.
  9. Here is a photo the owner sent me but of course he didn't take the right side of the engine so I've asked for that too. Anyone have a lead or can identify year? Thanks!
  10. I am waiting on photos.i had some but my phone was stolen. Will post soon. I did start a new thread which has a photo of the truck.
  11. Are there that many differences in the engines around that time?
  12. Not sure but I've been told 1929. I should have photos of the block they have soon and will post them.
  13. I'm looking for an engine for this truck. They have the block but nothing else. Anyone have any leads? Has both Graham Brothers and Dodge Brothers hub caps. Thanks! Doug Klink Reliance Fire Museum Reliance Fire Museum | Estes Park, Colorado
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