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  1. David my Quote just prior would not make McLaughlin an owner of General Motors but he states he was there with Durant. This begs to Question how much of GM did McLaughlin Own from the start, did he indeed fold the McLaughlin Company in to General Motors. David Hayward and Heather Robertson have both been in contact with me on Heathers book .
  2. A Quote from the Driving Force ,The McLaughlin Family and the age of the Car. Heather Robertson the Author.
  3. I have just read this Quote in the Book, The Driving Force by Heather Robertson,This book published in 1996, Please do not hesitate to ask. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Your Post on Canada History can be blind sided too. Find the book and read it to discover many things that I was Ignorant on, I did asked when I came to this site.
  4. The Grand Trunk Railway from Toronto to Oshawa in 1856 in 1895 the Oshawa Railway ( electric ) was in Place from 1895 until May2, 1964 when the last Electric Engine was removed. Oshawa was a Hub of Industries prior to McLaughlin. I have lived in Oshawa from 1947 and the Rails ran to Lake Ontario. The Highway 401 ended at Oshawa Simcoe street in 1947. The rails ran through Oshawa, as a Tram line would for workers too.
  5. Buick trucks (1910-1911 model 2-A) called furniture wagon (1915 model C-4 jitney bus) W.S. Seaman (1916 model D-4 funeral car).
  6. The Build document for GM of Canada shows 1919, 675 Chevrolet trucks
  7. David Hayward tells me Ken Kaufmann is not well , I wish him well and find he tried to re write McLaughlins Shipping costs not Knowing McLaughlin built his own rail in Oshawa and had a deal on shipping with Trunk Railroad to the rest of the world.
  8. I find the book By Heather Robertson /The Driving Force to answer many of my Questions.
  9. Did Lendrum & Hartman strip all the plates off of the McLaughlin cars?
  10. I know we were shipping out of Oshawa into the 60s LHD /CKD but to understand how the world was able to get most of GM built cars that were as I read it dumped because of the Depression in the USA. go to http://www.gmhistorian.btinternet.co.uk I find most is information on the building of General motors through out the world. I feel this is vital information to all but it shows how the world started it's Anti- American feelings. in this part of history and why.( Lendrum and Hartmand were not builders and did remove McLaughlin plates on all Mclaughlin cars sold there.) other than the ones built for Royalty. WARNING do not go to the site if you are from the USA it will upset many who have no Idea about GM.
  11. He has given me some direction ,one was to the author of Driving Force Heather Robertson .The fact many in the USA enjoy being directed, I hope you will take it upon yourself to read anything David has on his site. I would not want a time out for rubbing anyones nose in information.
  13. Great amount of information, hhtp:GENERAL MOTORS WORLDWIDE INFORMATION FILES INDEX would suggest it might help.
  14. David O. Hayward was a Professor in The Imperial Collage of Science, Technology and Medicine, London University. It was he who wrote the (General Motors In Canada: The Early Years to 1919) I do hope you would reconsider reading it. Then trust the author has it rite
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