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  1. Again, I apologize and tried to delete this extra post I made in error.
  2. Sorry but I have an extra post here by mistake, please delete. Thanks.
  3. About 4 years ago I had my '58 Special converted to front disc power brakes. Worked out fine & I'm glad I did it. The shop I used had to make modifications to make it work. Is there a complete kit that will work as-is for this car? Good luck on your project!
  4. Some are into the conversions, some aren't.
  5. What an excellent meet in Portland. It was great weather and fantastic showing of cars!
  6. What an interesting post. I'm currently having the twin turbine Dyanflow rebuilt for the 58 Buick Special by a local shop in the Chicago area. I'm waiting on how the job turns out before mentioning name. What did you spend for the rebuild? Where did you get the parts?
  7. Does anybody have a 1958 Buick speedometer lens that's not cracked up? email daveharris72@hotmail.com
  8. Interesting idea. I bet you had to shorten straps because the stock tank was 20 gals minimum. I believe those Mustang tanks hold 17?
  9. Based on my recent research, a new gas tank is not available for the 1958 Buick. Restoring the existing one is an option, sandblasting than renu coating inside and out. Bu has anyone succeeding in using a new reproduction for a 58 Chevy, for example, and modifying it to work on a '58? My car is the Special.
  10. Haven't tried the tap or flutter of the pedal. What I've done is completely release the pedal after it's happened. Then I slowly accelerate and the response kicks in again.
  11. Runs and drives just fine. Idle may be a little high, but car has no tach so a little hard to tell. As mentioned car just doesn't respond to throttle briefly, then few seconds later it's ok. So not a transmission issue huh? I did change the fuel filter in front of carb hoping that would solve it, but didn't do anything.
  12. Sometimes when gaining speed, the engine briefly stops responding to gas pedal. Car starts coasting. Two seconds later car responds to pedal again. Motor is NOT stalling. I have the Variable pitch dynaflow on a '58 Special. Wondering if it's a very slow transmission shift to 2nd gear? Transmission slipping? Transmission fluid level is fine. Dirty automatic trans filter, faulty converter pump? Vacum leak in the fuel vacum system? May be hesitation/faulty accelerator pump in carb?
  13. Thanks. Was just wondering if the codes I had are correct. I understand Aluminum was standard on all that year except the Special.
  14. BP 215 is the pad number from the kit. Rotors appeared to have the swirl polish. Brakes aren't "galzing". There's a lite sound that disappears when I brake. It has gotten better the more miles I put on it so far. Pad are just lightly touching the discs I believe when driving, but only occasionally now. Thanks.
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