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  1. Right now I have the car in a garage. However, it will be spending time in my driveway as I work on it. Does anyone have a suggestion on a high quality protective car cover? Thanks
  2. Good point Dave....I'm all about enjoying it. By overhauling (wrong word) I mean making sure the brakes, tires, engine are all at a point where I can take her out w/o worry. The trans is being looked at today. Checking vacuum seals etc etc. Honestly I plan on keeping the car just as it is. Might replace some of the really bad looking parts in the engine compartment and may repaint the red on the engine. Just simple cosmetic stuff.
  3. Thanks! My dad purchased it from the original owner who lived down the block from us about 20 years ago. He recently passed away and my mom wanted the car to be taken care of. He didn't get to enjoy it much as his health was pretty bad over the last 15 years so she basically sat in the garage. My brother would drive her once or twice a year just to keep it moving but that's really it. BTW...I have the original window sticker and sales receipt too! Sticker price was 5100 and the owner paid 4100. The option prices are classic! Auto trunk release...$7.10. Third seatbelt was around $4.00. I'll scan them in and post them.
  4. Posted pics in my profile of the 67 225 that I am starting to restore. Interior in great cond. You can see how the engine compartment needs some help. Time to start looking for parts. Runs great now but needs to be overhauled a bit. Will post more as I make progress. Cheers
  5. NTX5467...thanks for such a great post. Also wildcat1562 and brh. Looking forward to working on this beuty. I'll get pics up as soon as I can. Anyone know of a good NY Buick club? Haven't googled yet but figured I would ask here. Tom
  6. Sounds like a plan. I will do that. Will post some before during and after pics.
  7. Are the pics still up? When I view the thread I don't see any pics. Would love to see the 225.
  8. The transmission of my 1967 Electra revs to high before switching out of first gear. I was told to replace transmission fluid (Car had been sitting for quite a while in a garage) When I talked to a local shop guy he said that they would add a liquid (Think it was called Renu) to the transmission and it should bring it back to original shape. he said it was risky to drop the pan? Is anyone familiar with this stuff? Should I try it out? Don't want to damage anything. If I need to replace the fluid would you recommend a synthetic? Thanks. New owner, may have some dopey questions for you all ! Tom
  9. My names Tom and I plan on being active in the upcoming year. I'm from New York and am in the process of buying a 1967 Buick Electra 225 convertible. Car has 74k and has a new interior. Needs some work but will be doing it with my 13 year old son so I'm looking forward to it.
  10. Thank you. This is good advice. I'll try to find a local appraiser. I will post some pics this week too.
  11. I looked at all the sites that list values (low/middle/high) like nada but there is such a difference in what they say. What is a good guide to go by? I looked for similar cars for sale. Is that a good way to go? My dad passed away. He had a 1967 Buick Electra 225 convertible in decent, not great, shape. Interior was just redone. I would like to know what the market value is (or anywhere close) so I can purchase it from my mom or let her know so she can sell it. Thanks for the help. This is a great resource. She wants to sell either way. If I could give her a ballpark that would help her. I will take pictures this week and post them. Thanks