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  1. Why not just ask him if he can have it completed by xx/xx/xxxx. If he says no, then say then I need to take the car. If he says yes, hopefully he does it. If not, take the car and move on. I went through the same thing with a body shop. They got it sanded and some primer and it sat in the corner of the garage and collected dust. Did as I suggested above. He said it was on his back burner. So, I took the car elsewhere.
  2. I believe this to be true! I will take a look and see if the jacket can come up enough to maybe get at the upper bearing where the horn wire is soldered to. If not, I am cuttning the wire and putting a remote horn button in. Hate doing that but it is not a show car so!!
  3. Well, it certainly looks similar. Not sure how that bearing is to come out though. I tried using a pick but no way it will pull up.
  4. Thanks for replying auburnseeker. Is the hub ring in the steering column? How do you get it out?
  5. Hello, so on my 1940 Oldsmobile series 90. I have the steering weel off. If I hook up the battery the horn blows. Now, in the engine compartment, if I wiggle the wire going into the steering column it will stop, then if I put the weel on and turn it slightly it blows again. I am assuming the wire is shorting out. How do I get the wire out? Where is it connected? With the wheel off, I do not see a wire and the manual does not speak to this. I am tempted to bypass the wiring and install a horn button under the dash! Really hate doing that though. Any help?
  6. Used or nos. I do not have a part number.
  7. Looking for the gravel guards that go on the front of the rear fenders behind the rear passenger doors. 1940 Olds Series 90. Thanks, Scot
  8. Hello, yes I did that. still no luck. Ended up taking the insturment cluster out of the dash to get the new wires on. Still have not finished it all! Thanks for replying. Scot
  9. Hello, I am at a loss. Putting in a new wire harness on my Series 90. I can not for the life of me get the headlight switch out. Pushing down on what feels like a spring steel piece that is over the switch rod. Will not release the rod. Any ideas, photo of what I am supposed to be pushing on? Thanks in advance. Scot
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