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  1. Thanks Bud, I will call him and see what he has. But I "have to canvas" the entire U.S. in search of parts. Just have to find the places that have these parts and see what they are asking for them. Yes..Seagrave did use the Pierce Arrow engine. I have been told that they are the same engines. Seagrave bought Piecre Arrow foundry and had the "Seagrave" logo molded into the heads and blocks starting in the late 1930's and my truck is a 1938. So I am "hoping" that the parts will fit. But as a lot of people on here say any machinist can work wonders nowadays. Hopefully the guy I have found here w
  2. Can anyone point me in the direction as to where I can get parts for these engines. (Pierce Arrow/ Seagrave engines) Also, is there a "special" cam bearing tool for V12's? What would be really nice is a video on how to tear one down!! Appreciate ANY INFORMATION or a business that can help me!
  3. Hello everyone! I have a 1938 Seagrave fire engine with the small flat head V12 engine (Pierce Arrow engine). I wanted to know where I would be able to find the cam bearings (or bushings as they are refered to in the book), hydraulic lifters, pistons etc...? The truck is running at this time, but I did a "leak down test" and it doesn't look good. The test revealed that it does need a valve job, and most likely a ring job. So I wanted to start looking for the parts and getting some prices on what its gonna cost. Is there a cam bearing installation tool that will fit the length of the block for
  4. Looking for a front brake drum. I have a 1938 Seagrave fire truck. The brake drum broke into two pieces. The number stamped on it say..."Timken 3210 K 505". The drum dimensions are as follows: Outside dia. 18" Inside dia. 16" Brake shoe area. 2 7/8" It has an 8 hole bolt pattern to attach it to the wheel drum and the bolt holes are 8.5" on center. Hope someone can help!! Jim
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