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  1. Well, I havent had any luck finding the SSN, but if anyone was curious about what my grandparents were going to do with the truck here ya go Ford | eBay
  2. Hey Perkins, thanks for the interest. Im actually heading out there this weekend to pick up a 72 Chevy C10. While Im there, I'll go through the Ford real good. Im was talking to my Gpa about selling it the other day and Im thinking it will probably be a local sale or something via the internet. Wish he lived a little closer, I'd love to drive it back and put it in a few parades; however I'm looking at a 14 hour drive one way.
  3. My Grandfather searched for that serial number and only came up with GST-72. He did go over some of the old paperwork; after reviewing the title he found that it stated that is was a 1945 model. I'll be heading out that way in a few weeks. When I get there I'll see if I can come up with anything new.
  4. Hey Perkins. We still have the truck. Let me look into that serial number and I'll give you a confirmation. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Im pretty sure that the emplem is stamped. I'll ask my Grandparents tonight to confirm. Thanks guys for keeping this thread alive. Its been really interesting to see everyone's response.
  6. Thanks guys. All your replys have been helpful. When it does sell, I'll post it for future reference.
  7. Just got some more pictures. So am I naive to think that the truck would be valued more, considering its a WW2 era civilian vehicle? So far, it seems that its value is no greater than the pre or post war trucks. I spoke with the insurance company yesterday and they're using the same method. Im a little bumned The milleage in the pic is actual. Considering the current status of the economy, is it realistic to believe it would sell on the higher end?
  8. Hello everyone. This is my first post and Im looking for some help. My Grandparents are in possession of a 1944 Ford model 49T. They purchased the vehicle many years ago to be used as a grain truck on the family farm. It’s still in working condition and in great shape. I’m not a classic car collector or a salesperson. I have no idea of the value of the truck, if any. They intend to sell the vehicle. Any suggestions or advice you may have would be greatly appreciated. I’ve attached a few pictures. As soon as the weather clears up, they’ll pull it out of the shop and take some better shots. Thanks in Advance. Ryan