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  1. I would like $125 for the dash cluster plus shipping or I will be at the Hershey event in October. Thank you, Chris Baker
  2. I am selling a complete gauge cluster from a 1928 Studebaker. I purchased this last year, and was unable to use it. This is complete with 5 gauges, glass and original bezel. It has the amp guage, which appears to need recalibrated, heat indicator(which is maxed out) the oil guage(which appears to be fine. Fuel guage (parts are missing on back, small cracks on back) and the speedo(appears to work but the lever is loose. Overall this is in pretty good shape, athough needs tore apart and cleaned the gauge faces are in decent shape. There is No splintering of the paint on gauge faces. If you are interested please email me and I will send you pictures. I will also be at the Hershey AACA swap meet in October and I can bring it along if you are interested. My email address is c7bakr@hotmail.com
  3. Im looking for parts for a 1925 Standard Six. The parts I am searching for are as follows: Headlight Bar, Gas pedal and linkages, Radiator mascot. the gears at the bottom of the steering column, and basically anything that anyone may have for this vehicle, I would be intereted in buying just for extras. Please email me at c7bakr@hotmail.com. Thank you, Chris Baker I will be at the Hershey meet in October
  4. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks anyways, Ill just keep plugging away. Chris
  5. Looking for parts for my 25 I just pulled out of a barn. I know these are impossible to find but, here goes: Fuel pedal assembly, radiator cap, gears at the bottom of the steering column, running boards, headlight bar, rear brake pads. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. My phone number is 717-434-8686. Thank you, Chris Baker
  6. Thanks Pat, I emailed the complete list to you. Hope to hear from you soon, Chris
  7. Recently purchased a 1925 Standard six from an old farmer in Pennsylvania. The car is in pieces. I am missing a few parts. The headlights and bar, running boards, horn button hardware, gas pedal with linkage, radiator cap, although 2 of the (excuse me for this) Atlantis in flight hood mascots came with the car. These mascots have internal threads that dont fit my radiator external threads. Everthing else is there. Just need a little help. Anything you can do would be appreciated. Im willing to by anything for this car even if I have it already. My number is 7173848521 and I could and will fly anywhere to pick up parts. Thanks, Chris Baker
  8. Recently purchased a 1925 studebaker standard six 2 door 5 passenger vehicle. I need a few items for this. Headlight bar, horn button, headlights, running boards, and gas pedal. Im having problems finding pictures on the internet of the two door standard six. just got back from South Bend museum and didnt find one there. I just need to see some pics of the engine compartment so I can see where the fuse box is mounted and I think im missing a carberator linkage. If anyone can give me any info, I would greatly appreciate it. please feel free to comment or email me at c7bakr@hotmail.com
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