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  1. Thanks to all for the good inputs and advice. JZRIV got right to the heart of the matter. This car does in fact have sentimental value. It belonged to my wife's parents and I rescued it from growing up in weeds at their home in Georgia. All those years outside took their toll. What you see around the rear window frame does extend inside the trunk compartment where the body's internal sheet metal behind the package shelf and below the window's trailing edge is also rotted/perforated, so it seems this will require a lot of effort to make solid again. Despite the family ties, my wife
  2. In the quest to get my ’63 up to the status of a daily driver, I’ve spent most of my efforts on mechanical and electrical. Lately though, I’ve been looking into getting some of the rust issues fixed especially around the rear glass, which is rusted in spots into the flat surface outside the window frame channel. I’m thinking I have three options…have a skilled sheet metal restoration shop fabricate a new rear glass frame, find a source for the affected part(s) from a donor car and have them grafted in….or find a good project car that has a better body than mine and embark on making one good
  3. Well Jim - It seems to be as you predicted. With everything reconnected, the cable doesn't have enough throw to actuate the switch. The plastic sheath is cracked in several places on my cable and it must also be disconnected up at the actuator end (though I haven't been able to figure out how to disassemble the actuator to check for sure). It looks like I'm going to have to rig something up on the outside of the steering column for now to get usable signals. If you have ideas on how to do that or where to get a new cable, please let me know. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Jim. Except for some troublesome connections at the fuse block, the signals are all working. I'll try to remount the switch and connect the cable hopefully this weekend. I'll let you know how it turns out. JD
  5. Thanks Jim! I do have a tilt column. I think the bottom of my cable is okay...not sure about the top yet. I will do as you suggest and get back to you later on how it turned out. Best regards, JD
  6. Can someone please tell me if this is the correct turn signal switch for a '63 Riv?...and if not, where I might be able to get one. I'm troubleshooting turn signals. I currently have brake lights working and turn signals working in the front only. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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