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  1. Yes, there were only 3500 of them. The owner had all the original manuals and books that came with it. He had a book that showed all the different Ford trucks that were produced that year, and how many were made of each model, etc. The thing that made it so rare was the fact that it had 4 wheel drive... Like I said, I think you would have at least broke even with that truck... It just wasn't right for me, personally... I'm sure the person who bought it will love it, though. It's perfect for their needs; a farm truck.
  2. I didn't buy it. I was simply not in the situation to take on a project like that. I ended up making a quick $200 in the process, though. I was asking all my friends, and my dad's friends for their opinion, and one of them was interested in the truck themselves. They ended up buying it, and giving me a 10% finder's fee. I helped them load the truck up onto their trailer, and I was happy with how it played out. Like I said; the truck was in NC and I live in PA. I was only spending so much time in NC because my uncle had passed away, and I was helping my dad work on his house, so we coul
  3. Very few of you guys on here were narrow minded. A lot of you argued both the negatives and the positives. Let's just take it easy... everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and all of your opinions of helped me greatly, no matter what they were... I am glad you are pointing out the safety issues, however, I don't mind taking a risk like that. It's a part of life... The only real issue I'm worried about is putting fuel in it I am going to buy the truck, as long as it runs as good as the owner says it does... Like I said before, the truck is in NC, and I'm in PA. However, my dad is in NC
  4. Thanks for all of your guys' input. I'm just waiting for my dad to find some time to take it out for a test drive, now. I'd do it myself, but the truck is in NC, and I'm in PA. I'll let you guys know how it goes, when he finds the time to go do it.
  5. If I wanted to buy a set of these, where could I find them?
  6. I went to the AACA HQ yesterday, to ask them about it... Like I said, the guy there said if it runs as good as it looks, it's a steal.
  7. I understand that. It was one of the directors of AACA that told me that, so I'm pretty sure he knows what he's talking about. Like I said before, though; I don't plan on restoring it 100%. Just the stuff it needs, like tires, etc. All your opinions have helped greatly, and I really appreciate it.
  8. @BJM I understand what you're saying, with everything. It's not a practical vehicle, and compared to the safeness and efficiency of today's vehicles...well, it's not even close. However, I'm not necessarily buying it for that reason. I'm buying it as a learning experience, and something to have fun with. If I don't enjoy it, and don't have fun with it, then I'll simply resell it. I plan on reselling it, anyways. According to a lot of the people I've talked to, 4x4 back then is rather rare, and this truck is worth a lot more than $2,000, as it sits. I'll learn my lesson, just like you learned y
  9. @Dave Nice eyes! You're correct. The man who is selling it to me is next to blind. He stopped driving it about 5 years ago, because his eyes got too bad. It's been moved around the drive way, but nothing on the road, for the last 5 years. How hard/how many man hours do you think it would be to replace all the rubber? @BJM I'm positive it's a 1966. The guy has all the original manuals that came with it. My uncle took me in to see Steve Moskowitz, this afternoon. He said it's a steal, and I might be able to double my money, on it. According to him, having 4x4 makes this truck more rare. And fro
  10. Ahh, no, the one I was referring to was an actual restaurant I haven't been to Chocolate World in ages, but I'm pretty sure you're still good on that
  11. The Hershey Cafe is no longer. It's some Italian restaurant, now... I live less than 5 minutes from it And on another note, Sakurado is Italian/Sushi. My family eats there every once in a while... The sushi is great, but I don't think we've ever tried anything from the Italian part of the menu...
  12. That'd be great, but it's a little bit of a complicated situation. I live in Hershey, PA. However, the truck is in Greensboro, NC. They guy selling it lives right next to my uncle's house, in Greensboro. I go there to visit him often, and that's the only reason why I know about it...
  13. I understand. Thanks for your help. I think I'm going to try and do a little more research
  14. I realize the work this truck entails. That's part of the reason I'd like to get an old car, though. I want to learn how to fix them/etc, and old cars are very simple. More importantly, like you mentioned, I'm wondering if I can afford it. This truck is in the Blue Book for $5,000. I'm wondering what I'd be able to resell it for, if I fixed it up a bit, and maybe gave it a new paint job... Knowing that would give me a better idea of whether or not I could afford it.
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