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  1. Mitch, thanks for the thoughts on the AC install. I've already bought the Vintage Air pieces and want to go ahead and use them. Will need to make some modifications to make it work, but should be worth it. Going to be discussing it with a shop tomorrow. Here are a few more pics.
  2. The wheels are American Racing AR-500. 17 x 8 all around. I wanted the Buick Rally wheel look, but in a 17 or 18 size. I like these because they are aluminum so I don't have to worry about rust or chrome damage. I ordered thru Newstalgia and they had AR make them. AR only lists 4.5 and 4.75 bolt patterns and you know our cars are 5" so these were a special order. I used standard studs and no spacers, but the front wheels rub on the upper control arm so we had to grind that to allow for clearance. If I had to do it again, I'd have gotten 17 x 7 for the fronts. I think they were around $1375 for the set delivered. I put BF Goodrich Advantage TA 225/60/17 on front and 235's on the back. Wanted a smooth riding beefy tire to fill up the wheel wells. I have to say that picking the wheels and paint color were the hardest decisions on this project.
  3. After 18 months since beginning this project the '64 Riviera is home. While not complete, it's driveable and all the lights work. This car belonged to my wife's aunt who bought it new in the L.A. area. They took it on a military tour to Japan and back to Calif where it's been it's whole life. Tried to keep as many parts as original as possible but with minor concessions to reliablility. Completely rebuilt the original motor and transmission, and put in a new exhaust from manifolds back. Has 78,216 original miles when I started and I've driven it about 50 since getting it last week. Still need to do the kick panels, a carpet kit for the trunk, and the Vintage Air install. Hoping to make it to Monterey for my first ever ROA meet.
  4. I went with Newstalgia and ordered a set of American Racing AR-500 wheels in 17X8. They are listed in 5X4.5 and 5X4.75 sizes, but they called A.R. and were able to make them in a 5X5. I was excited to keep it an (original) look but with a little more mass to the wheels and tires.
  5. thank you both for the links and advice. I'll be checking newstalgia wheels later today.
  6. Hi, I'm restoring a '64 Riv and want to put 18 x 8 torque thrust II wheels on it. Intend to use a 235/50/18 tire all around. I know it's a 5 on 5 bolt pattern, but what about offset, spacing, etc do I need to know? Car is painted and interior starts to go in tomorrow. Engine is at machine shop getting an entire overhaul. thanks for any advice.