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  1. the faq wont open any other help
  2. i have some pictures to post how do you do it?
  3. ok thanks its starting to make sense the air cleaner does say 445 but no silver decal i will see if my wife can do the pictures tonight
  4. i noticed your your engine is red mine is silver with an orange red air cleaner
  5. thanks for the info i cant find the engine code
  6. if anyone could help in lost in decoding the vin #7j1022636 and on the other tag 11b syle 63-4747 fb7259 trim 748j2 aa acc d 17 n2 su8 z4 and on the block on both sides under the valve covers was the #1196914 if there are any other numbers to help me fiquere out this car it would be helpful thanks foe help
  7. hi im new to rivieras i just inherited my grandfathers 63 he owned it since 64 i dont know anything about rivs or this car it seems to have alot of options how can i find a build sheet on this car or any kind of info thanks for any help
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