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  1. Happy Holdays to all you Reatta heads!
  2. I dont know what they are talking about, unless they are trying to sell you a new hosting plan. Are you running out of room? What Techinical issues could be involved by NOT changing something? Ronnie, seriously, I am a web guy. I know we have had some disagreements, but your site and the info it holds is important to all of us Reatta heads. To be honest, I once considered making a site to compete with yours. I decided that it would too large a project and in the end, I would not have the same time and effort to make it better, and if I wasnt going to be better than your site, then it would b
  3. Why would ANYTHING be removed? I really dont understand.
  4. Funny thing, even though it was an expensive car when new, I bought mine because it was so cheap $1200 on Ebay. Most things that go for $1200 nowadays need to be towed home. It was the coolest looking thing I found in over a year of searching for cars under 1500 and within 200 miles of my location. I still look on ebay and to date havent found a deal yet to compare. Times are very rough now (News Flash: we are in the biggest Depression since The Great Depression of the 1920s) and as a result I had to sell my 2004 MINI Cooper a few years ago. While the MINI was an awesome machine, The Reatta is
  5. That CarFax is a deal killer for sure, but it is a reality we have to live with nowadays. In 2004 I sold a Jeep thru an ad in the Newspaper. The guy asked me if it had ever been in an accident, I said "No", then he whips out a CarFax that says it was! A lady hit the plastic running board, cracking it and I NEVER reported it to my insurance company cause the damage was so minor. CarFax found out thru the police report. I showed him the cracked running board and explained and he showed me $8000. But your typical Dsyfunctional Human would have walked at the first sign of trouble because they prob
  6. Now that IS funny! I have decided to wait on this project. It is just too costly for me at the moment. You see I suffer from Old Car Disease (OCD) and I am trying to save for another car, a 1966 Plymouth Fury II. If I bought another Reatta, I guess I would have Reattaitis. Which I hear is incurable. If you read that thread about our stories, you'll see many of us have the Old Car Disease, of which I was re-infected by this Reatta. For more on this horrible disease see this thread of mine in the General Forum... http://forums.aaca.org/f169/there-has-cure-315008.html My Reatta rides & h
  7. My windshield on my 1990 Buick Reatta has an extrodinary amount of specs (pits) on the drivers side but not the passenger side. It looks like it got blasted by sand perhaps. I usually dont notice, but I drive right into the sun and it is pretty dramatic. A new Reatta windshield is $1500 bucks and that is more than I paid for the whole car, so that is not an option... Are there any Glass Cleaners/Polishes that may help?
  8. Keep it, those are minor/common items that go wrong on a Reatta. If you are going to be selling it, you want to limit how much you spend on it to get it ready to sell, many solutions you will get are based on creating a for show car, not a for sale car. Many solutions you'll get are also based if you have unlimted time and money. If you dont have a complete and expert knowledge of auto mechanics, complete set of tools, working knowledge of automotive computer diagnostics, a lift in your garage, welding and power tools and so forth, take those easy DIY suggestions with caution. Let your walle
  9. My mechanic says he will charge me $100 a side and he also recomended replacing the strut mounts. Maybe I can find those on ebay too?
  10. I just got a quote from Firestone... $650. They all want to include an Alignment. They want $175 each for just the struts.
  11. You know what seems to be a common point here? How the car itself lured the person to buy it. Seems like our Reattas called out to many of us and said "Buy me"! I know mine did. It was alot nicer looking than all those bland grey Hondas everyone seems to want to buy. Value is a big factor. The Reatta is in what I call "The Zone" now. Not an Antique or Classic, their overall pricing now is probably at it's lowest point. Add to that that it sometimes requires more than just a trip to the corner mechanic to maintain one sometimes, the effort may turn alot of people off and the car either ends up
  12. Is that a common part I can or a mechanic can get? Or is something I have to hunt for?:confused:
  13. I just called my local Monro Brake & Shock place. They want over $700 to put a new set of Front stuts in my Reatta! I asked how much they were charging me for the stuts, they said $185 each and that they were Monroes... Monroe list 2 different struts, 1 is listed as a premium stryt, the Sensa Track. I found them on Ebay for $69 each, BTW http://www.ebay.com/itm/Monroe-71854-SENSA-TRAC-PREMIUM-STRUT-/250925411055#vi-content Has anyone used these? Has anyone else come across these outreagous charges? Is it an extrodianarly hard install?
  14. "The topic here seems to be Internet Defamation Law. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act clearly grants immunity from liability for defamation for websites like this forum that are considered distributors of information not publishers. " Bravo! The AACA is not legally libel for negative posts. Period. End of story. You may now continue with your regularly scheduled programing...
  15. Wow, our stories are as varied as our opinions and thats what makes the world go around. Previously I owned a 2004 MINI & 1986 Dodge Diplomat. The Depression forced me to sell the MINI and I bought the 86 Dodge for $500 from my mechanic... It was costing me over $100 a week in gas to get to work, so I started looking for something more economical. Well, fate played a part one day when President Eisenhowers' Great Grandson called me up at work and I sold him TWO 540 Cubic Inch Big Block Chevy Engines for his Boat. I work for a High Performance Automotive Manufacturer, BTW. This resulted in
  16. So moving right along... How did, why did you get into owning a Reatta in the first place? Tell us your story! Dont be shy!
  17. Now that IS funny! Joke: A lady comes in to Caddy dealer and her brand new Eldo has a blown engine and transmission. They give her a new one. A few days later she comes in again with a Blown Motor and Transmission. The Service Manager asked for a more detailed explanation. She responds... I was driving along the parkway at about 65MPH, when another Eldo just like mine pulled up and wanted to race. So I put the car into Race mode by putting into R and that is when my trouble started! You may return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.
  18. Thanx Bushwack. Proof that resonable responces come from the members. Asking me to leave. Yeah, that is not reasonable or a show of leadership. Next, you will "solve" the problems you are having with vendors by banning me. Yeah that will work. However, I admit it would be unfair for me to point out a problems without suggesting a solution or two... First off stop with the semantics... Who is, what is a vendor? Do they have to regisister differently? If not, why not? I am a member of many forums. I also admin/moderate them as well. For a living, in fact I get paid for it. People that are s
  19. Then fight your battle here and stop sending me your Drama Queen private messages. We can say all we want about each other, no matter how nasty, especially if you are an official of the AACA or the Buick Club, but we cant say anything negative about a vendor publically. Try and use that administrative yelling power of yours to figure out how that makes you sound. If you cant figure that out, then you have no business being involved with this or any other forum. At an early age, you should have been taught that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. You have alot to learn about forum
  20. We cant say bad things about these precoious venders you seek to protect, but we can say bad things about each other. Take note where this guys priorities lie... not with the members or users of this forum but with the vendors. Makes me wonder which one of these vendors he is. This is the most ridiculous post I have ever seen on this of any other forum.
  21. Here are some more... All found with a simple Google search, but here in Reatta Fantasy Forum, these problems just dont exist... It is all OUR fault. BUICK REATTA Comments and Complaints ID:11105 - Information for BUICK REATTA Which includes 10 pages from this very forum on the subject. Reality.
  22. On this very page... http://forums.aaca.org/f116/abs-vacuum-conversion-141390.html The problems of this Brake System are well documented on this forum and many others. What purpose does it serve to try and rewrite history? How about the NHTSA... REATTA | The Center for Autosafety You "keepers of the faith" are doing an incredible diservice to anyone trying to cope with these issues by denying they even exist or making the problem their fault. It has nothing to do with viewpoint, it has everything to do with... Reality.
  23. That is great. Congratulations. Maybe, you could reappear again sometime when some of us members are bickering with each other and issue a similar statement concerning civility amongst ourselves. Stop by and visit again sometime. FINAL REQUEST.
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