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  1. Now that IS funny! Joke: A lady comes in to Caddy dealer and her brand new Eldo has a blown engine and transmission. They give her a new one. A few days later she comes in again with a Blown Motor and Transmission. The Service Manager asked for a more detailed explanation. She responds... I was driving along the parkway at about 65MPH, when another Eldo just like mine pulled up and wanted to race. So I put the car into Race mode by putting into R and that is when my trouble started! You may return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.
  2. But Juice braked DID replace Mechanicals.... Death trap Teves systems that come w/o an emergency brake DID NOT replace anything... Except for a short time on a very specific group of cars over a very short time. If they were so great, why dont all cars come with it now? Just like when Juice brakes came along and replaced mechanicals. Reality.
  3. If you can afford a new Charger, you are rich. That "under 10,000 dollar driver" better be a daily driver, otherwise your... rich enough to have a second car. Welcome to the Great Reccesion.
  4. I admit I have not read either mag in a while, but I do remember Cars & Parts mag as a really good source of info. I am however very heavily involved in advertising in many automotive mags. I am the Multi Media Manager/Ad Director for Bill Mitchell's World Products. Mostly racing mags, but my stuff is in Mopar Restoration, Engine Builder and others. In the ad biz. Money talks. Those "wanna bes" buy things for there Mustangs, Vettes, Muscle cars and such. There are also tons of businesses that want to advertise to them. Collectors read & collect things. I dont see as much of an advert
  5. Waxy build up? Try Pledge or Endust. Seriously. Also try a nice simple old school hard wax like Simoniz and a little elbow grease.
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