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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for your replies. I've thought it might be the control arm? I read that article about the Reatta several weeks ago. Gave me the shivers at $700, although it was a Buick dealer that did the work. Aren't you down on the South Shore? Sullivan Tire in Newington, NH, has done all of my work for years. I'm going to look further into it, but no decision yet. It is a potential annual inspection issue (April, 2012)). The PB is working right now. I may just use it enough to keep it from freezing up for the time being. There's not a lot of need for it when most of my driving is within five miles of the coast: pretty flat ground. Then again I'm pretty fussy, and want things to work right so we shall see. I'm also going to need to an adjuster, two cables, and a nut. The adjuster snapped, and is welded now. Parts 11, 12, 13, and 14 on page 4-152. 11 has me stumped. It lists two possibilities for 88-91; an E57 or an E97. Do you have any thoughts on that: how I might know which one I need? You've written more than once about the need to get a service manual, and a parts catalog. I got the service manual last fall, and the parts catalog last week. You're right. They are a big help. John
  2. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone familiar with the 89-93's knows why the parking brake pedal suddenly slips, and looses its tension when it is pushed down? My first thought was a slack cable, but it has been tightened, and the pedal is still slipping at times. A friend has suggested maybe it is a wearing issue where the pedal engages the ratchet? I'd appreciate any input from anyone familiar with this problem before I start searching for, and ordering parts. Thanks, John Haney, ROA #12910
  3. Thanks Jack, Jolly John and DShip, You all saved me from getting into a pile of $$ trouble, and I learned a lot in a short period of time. I'm ordering a 91 factory service manual off E-Bay right after I post this. John
  4. Hi Jack, You say your panels are aluminum. Hmm? Maybe I'm missing something. It looks like galvinized metal to me, and others have said the same thing, but maybe it is aluminum. I'd wonder though if aluminum would be strong enought to avoid an easy dent? Unfortunately the panels do not come off, or at least no one yet has found a way to take them off. They appear to be sealed right onto the body. I'd thought about re-painting the entire car, but rest of the finish is in excellent condition except for the panels. Who ever re-painted it did a real good job except for preparing the panels so that the paint would bond properly to them. John
  5. My 91 was repainted by the original owner, and the paint is now peeling off the lower galvinized panels that run below the side trim between the front and rear wheelwells on both sides of the car. Has anyone had any experience repairing this problem? I know the galvinized panels have to be prepaired properly otherwise the paint will peel off again. I understand there is a special epoxy primer for galivinized metal. The three 3 galvinized panels on each side cover an area that is approximately 78 inches long by 8 inches wide. The paint finish on the rest of the car is in excellent condition so I'm only going to have the galvinized panels re-painted I just started to shop around for prices, and the first fellow quoted me $700.00 ("epoxy primer is expensive")......a quote I thought was off the wall for two areas 78 inches x 8 inches so I'm turning here for advice before I go any further. Thanks ahead of time. John Haney, Portsmouth, NH ROA#12910