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  1. I have decided to sell my 1990 TC . I am the only driver in a 3 car family and 3 is too many. I have posted it on our local Craigslist where details and pictures are available. I will discount the price to Club Members if you so state. Thanks for looking. See it at 1990 Chrysler TC (LeBaron forerunner) Convertible Built by Maserati
  2. My 1995 Riviera has the following intermittant situation: When the key is turned to START there is complete silence, Nothing happens. Anyone else ever had this problem ? Any solutions ?
  3. And that might explain why none of the 100 people that have viewed this post to date don't know anything ?
  4. Hard to believe that of the 58 people who have viewed this post to date, not one has known how to replace the Hazzard Warning Switch !
  5. Reguarding the 1995 Riviera: What is the part number for the Hazzard Warning Switch ? Anyone have instructions for replacing it ?
  6. The hazard warning switch on my 1995 Riviera is stuck down. Is this easy to replace ? Anyone know how to replace this switch ?
  7. Is the pin magnetic ? a golf ball marker ?
  8. 1. A pencil disappeared into the Reatta Center Console. It entered as shown in picture one where I placed a screwdriver to illustrate where it got in. 2. To get it out , I removed the Center Console Storage Box Interior ( picture two ). see step one of : Center Console Removal Instructions - Reatta Owners Journal for directions. 3. And the treasures I found are shown in picture three. Two pencils, Credit Card, Library Card, Pearl Harbor Survivor Sticker, ATM receipt, two bank withdrawal slips, "TO BUY" list, auto wash slip, WI Lottery betting slip, a Quarter, a penny, and a paper clip. I Hope
  9. A pencil disappeared into the Reatta Center Console.
  10. Corvanti The hole is almost the size of a Quarter. It is located in the part of the pipe that runs athawartships from a point 8 inches forward of the passenger door rear edge and in about 4 inches from the passenger side of the pipe attached heat shield edge. It is on the front side of the pipe. The rest of the system is good.
  11. My 1990 Reatta coupe has a hole in the exhaust pipe that runs from the Cat Converter to the Muffler. Are there any replacement pipes for this section of the exhaust ? UPDATE 8/31/12 Pipe has been repaired as shown in picture three.
  12. My 1990 TC has female snaps on the body for attaching the cover. How does the Covercraft cover attach to the car ?
  13. There is a resequence procedure for the TOP switch in the 1990 Owners Manual. Prior to running this procedure my top would NOT pull the top down. But after running the resequence procedure the pull down worked perfectly. I wonder if this may be related to some of the problems members are having with the top pull down process.
  14. A couple of pictures. Select to enlarge
  15. Chrysler-PartsCenter.com offers Low and High note TC Horns: ELECTRICAL / CHASSIS ELECTRICAL / HORN / HORN HORN Low Note MSRP Core ? Save Online Price $66.35 $0.00 $13.27 $53.08 ELECTRICAL / CHASSIS ELECTRICAL / HORN / HORN HORN High Note MSRP Core ? Save Online Price $66.35 $0.00 $13.27 $53.08 OR a substitute offered by superiorhorns.com is: Bad Boy Chrome Compact Air Horn Regular Price: $73.95 Special Price: $68.95 SKU: W519 QUICK OVERVIEW The latest in air horn technology, one-piece design, that requires no hoses. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Installs in minutes by simply transferring the factory
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