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  1. Thanks for the photos. Looks like Bill did a lot of work on that. I’m still trying to wrap my head around getting it here. And convincing my wife about one more car.😳
  2. Good to hear back from you. Could you possibly send me some photos of the car? And maybe some inventory of what is there. thanks
  3. So sorry to hear about Bill. I have been watching Bills post about his car. I too have a 1930 Chrysler that I’ve been restoring. They are almost identical. I just retired in May and then diagnosed with cancer. Luckily mine was found early and will make a full recovery and then back to work in the shop. I would have loved to do both of these cars side by side but I am in Utah. The shop is pretty full (69 Camaro SS/RS, 1940 Ford, several classic bikes) but I would have squeezed it in. Unfortunately these cars aren’t worth a lot finished. More a labor of love. It would be a little spendy for transporting to Utah for me. I hope you can find a good home for it. They are hard to find. Let me know if I can help at all and good luck. Maybe someone has an open spot on their transport coming this way.
  4. I'm looking for front and rear seats. Do you still have some?
  5. i looked at those hinges and just above them looks like 2 holes, possibly for mounting mirrors. Does look like the one from Harrahs. I called them and they don't have that car anymore.
  6. Was wondering when you would chime in Keiser31. Anyone got a figure on value? Runs and drives but could use paint and interior and possible top.
  7. Sorry for no pics. They came in on my phone. Will post when I get someone smarter to load them.
  8. I'm looking at buying a "so called" 1929 Chrysler 75 convertible roadster. The pics I've gotten aren't very good but it looks like the pillars on the forward doors go all the way to the roof line. And the doors follow the pillar with three hinges and an inserted windshield that does not really match. I always thought the windshield was seperate. Could this be factory or a conversion? This is also a 2 door.
  9. Could you send me pics of sills and robe rail brackets. Also would need length of sills. dana.johnson@live.com Thanks
  10. Welcome. I live just a few miles away. I have a 30 4 door sedan 66. Unfortunately I do not have an extra but will keep my eye out. Nice to know there are some more Chryslers close by. I am also looking for parts, if you have some extras. Hope to see you around.
  11. i knew Keiser31 would be all over it. thanks
  12. as i see now looking on our great internet that there was. just surprised to see them badged together.
  13. Here's one for ya. Was there ever a 1928/1929 Chrysler/Plymouth model Q sport convertible roadster ever made? Has a radiator badge with a sailing ship on it with both names. 4 Banger and wire wheels.
  14. Would like to see some pictures of the side mount hold down hardware and the locking system for the sidemounts. I have a 1930. Thanks in advance.
  15. Looks to me like some one already tried to start on the wood. Price seems a bit high to me.
  16. I talked to a gentleman in Cascade, Idaho when I was delivering some new autos up there a few months back. He had two for sale but I can't remember if they were 3 window or not. Said he wanted $20,000 for both. They both were in dry storage and did not look too bad. Contact Ford dealer in Cascade. Good luck
  17. My mistake. Noticed your measurements were OSD. Mine are pretty close to them.
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