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  1. Tried to pass it in ​my Dad;s 1962 Olds 98, but, never could parallel park this barge. Finally passed using Dad's Plymouth Valiant. Regards: Oldengineer
  2. Thanks Guys for your advice. The car has 48K on it. From paper work I got with the car, It got a partial rebuild in the late 90s [ rod bearings, new rings, and heads redone]. Following you advice, I'll be using Castrol GTX 10W-30 in her. Regards: Oldengineer ;:
  3. What weight oil should I use in my 50 Olds 98. I'm guessing either 10W-30 or 5w-30. Regards: Oldengineer
  4. Car doesn't have power brakes, and, you really have to stand on the brakes to get her to stop. Pedal is good and hard. I suspect hard lining is the problem. Regards: Oldengineer
  5. I notice that the Olds I just acquired requires a lot more pedal pressure to stop the car than my 48 Chevy did. Is this normal? Regards: Oldengineer
  6. I just sold a fairly nice 48 Chevy Fleetmaster 2 door. I just ran classified ads in the local paper for 2 weeks. The first week I got only one call on the car. The second week I had 3 buyers wanting the car. The first one that showed up with $9K went home with it. If you live in a decent sized city, you might try this. Regards: Oldengineer
  7. Thanks guys. I didn't know they could scan my current color and match it. Regards: Oldengineer 1950 Oldsmobile 98
  8. Is there a good source of touch up paint for antique cars. I'm looking for some for a 1950 Olds in particular. Appreciate any help you can give me. Regards: Oldengineer 1950 Olds 98
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Are the Samco cars basically a fiberglass body mounted on a modified truck chassis?? A dealer who had one for sale mentioned that the car had a straight front axle and drum brakes all around??? Regards: Oldengineer
  10. I've been looking at the Cord replicas for sale on line. From what I've seen, they're either powered by a small block Ford V8 or a Chrysler 440, and, are rear drive. How enjoyable are these things to drive, and, what are the pitfalls to owning one. Appreciate your feedback. Regards: Oldengineer
  11. In 1963 I was at a local car show with a 1937 Dodge Business Coupe. I was in high school at the time. A guy walked up to me, looked my coupe over, and asked if I'd be interested in swapping cars with him. I asked him what he had. He wanted to swap me a Jaguar XK-120 even for the Dodge. I called my Dad and asked him if we could do the deal. Dad told me I was an idiot for even considering it. I had to wait until 2003, and, I bought a new Jag. Dad couldn't wait to take a ride in it. Naturally I reminded him of the deal he blew for me years ago on a car now worth about $100k. Regards: Oldengineer
  12. I equipped my 48 Chevy with a battery disconnect. However, I seriously doubt if the vast majority of teen-age car thieves could figure out how to start my 48, much less drive it. The column stick shift, and, five pedals on the floor ( dimmer switch, clutch, brake, gas, and starter button) should befuddle them pretty good. Regards: Oldengineer
  13. You might check Chevys of the 40's and the Filling Station's online catalogs. Chevy's in the 40s used a optional bypass oil filter set-up on the 216 engine. The filter kit included a fitting similar to what you want to hook up the hose to the filter, and the oil pressure guage line to the engine. It may look a little different, but, might work for you. Regards: Oldengineer 1948 Chevy Fleetmaster
  14. Have you tried cleaning the idle air control valve. It may be sticking and causing your stalling problem. Regards: Oldengineer
  15. Last year my wife and I went to a concert involving a well-known male singer. Despite a verbal announcement that pictures were not allowed before the show started, and, signs posted various places as well, one guy didn't get "it". Sitting in the front row, he started recording the show with his smart phone. The artist even asked him to stop, but, the guy just ignored him and kept recording. A few minutes later, the artist stopped the show, came down off the stage, and took the phone from the guy. He then threw the phone up on the stage to one of his band members and it was promptly smashed flat. After that the show resumed. Turns out the idiot with the phone was a local lawyer. When the show ended he walked out yelling at the top of lungs that he was going to sue over his smashed phone. The event staff quickly advised him that he didn't have a leg to stand on, and, they shut him up. Wife and I about died laughing at him. Regards: Oldengineer
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