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  1. I live in CT, The Wagon is in beautiful condition, showing an expertly done older restoration, and is in perfect running and driving order. Stunning Maple and Birch body is wonderful condition, and still retains it's original Murray Body Co. tag. This was the Detroit based company contracted to build the wood bodies for Ford's new station wagon. Nicely painted tan cowl and hood, with black fenders and red Model A wire wheels mounted to correct, reproduction 'A bias tires. I should try to look up some appraisers in the area.
  2. This new body style for 1929 was the very first mass-produced Station Wagon ever offered to the public, and the Model A Woody was officially recognized as the very first "Woody Wagon" made, not my particular car. Though it is one of 4,954 others many of which are no longer in running condition due to the wood construction of these cars. thank you for your suggestions
  3. Hey all I'm just trying to gather information and/or interest in my Model A Woody Station Wagon. Ford has officially recognized it as the very first "Woody Wagon" made. Of the 1,715,000 Ford Model A's produced in 1929, only 4,954 were Station Wagons. I know this is a rare model and am looking to post it for sale in the near future but I was hoping to gain some feedback by posting here. I have put a picture of it as my default and I have more pictures if anyone is interested in seeing them contact me. Thank You
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