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  1. Push in on center medallion and turn counter clockwise to remove center insert. Then under that you will see 3 phillips head screws to remove the ring.
  2. if your wondering about what gunk is breaking down in the tank,you might try a clear fuel filter which can be purchased from Summit Racing,or maybe even a local auto parts store. I would put it between the tank and pump and look for anything floating or a change in color of the gas. These filters are usually glass that unscrew on the ends so that you can change the filter inside. Good luck
  3. I have a hard time picturing a 4 door late model impala coming across the auction block in 50 years(excluding the SS models), and the auctioneer talking about its all original and people actually bidding on it. But then again who would have thought back in the day that in 50 or 60 years people would be bidding on a 4 door family car from the 50's. i guess one never knows. Only time will tell.
  4. I joined this forum for information and knowledge about my recent purchase of an 1952 Chrysler. As i thought this would be a great place to get that,thinking almost all members of this forum have been around cars,gotten grease under there nails,or had a rusted bolt that had to be cut or beaten off. I would hate to think that every thread where i ask a question or reply to is under scrutiny for proper use of words, spelling, punctuation, word spacing and so on. I thought it is about car guys coming together to chat,exchange info and get help about cars. To respond to this thread, i would have to say at one point in time somebody would want a car from the 70's 80' 90's or 00's. Isn't it about supply and demand? Who would thought when the Edsel came out that somebody would be seeking it out in 50 or so years. The price of "older" cars has gone up so much, i believe, because of auctions like Barrett Jackson and Mecum. Now the guy down the street thinks his car is worth what they get on TV. Before these auctions it was common knowledge that you would never get back what you put into your car,you just did it for personal pride.Now they go for astronomical amounts that most cant afford. I hope i haven't offended anybody, was just bothered by the bickering.
  5. i wish i could be of more help,but all i can offer is that the Chrysler slant six was a 198 ci,but it only had 4 main bearings. There were other companies producing 6's with 7 main bearings.
  6. I have a 52 with fluid drive and was able to get 10w from Napa
  7. Yes, thank you Frank. I knew that low was up but i thought it was just before the reverse gear. No wonder why i never found low. I thought previous owner messed up the linkage. now i know pull toward steering for reverse and push down for low.
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    thanks everybody for all the valuable information, i will defiantly check Rhode Island.
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    I never knew they made such a thing, thanks speedy... Its a 52 chrysler,dog
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    Hello, I need to rewire parts of my cars old cloth wrapped wires,which have dry rotted. It is a 6 volt system. I couldnt find any wiring harnesses so i figured i can do it myself. My question is this, how do i go about using the inline circuit breakers. there are several ranging from 30 to 10 amp. They seem to be directly wired inline with no way to reuse when updating wires.
  11. Thanks Bill, i got it bookmarked. Also i found a site for old mopar parts at, www.robertsmotorparts.com.
  12. Well thanks guys, those were easy. The back seat lighter makes perfect sense, its been so long since i had seen one i forgot all about that. Thanks for your input Rusty about the engine,we are on the same page with that one. I guess i just wanted to know if it was something that could easily be done i might try it, but i am very happy with the flat head 6. Now if i can just find the parts to rebuild it.
  13. i have a 52 Windsor deluxe with the spitfire 6 and fluid matic trans,i have an opportunity to get a 56 Plymouth 270 with a Powerflight trans, would that be a direct bolt in, or is there major fabricating needed for the swap? Also when i removed the front seat there was a wire that ran along the floor from the driver side pillar to inside the seat bottom back of the seat frame, any idea what this might be?
  14. i agree with rusty,my 52 has 1 key that is for the ignition and the doors, and the second key is for the trunk and glove box.
  15. Thanks rusty, i will do that
  16. Hello to all, I am the proud new owner of a 52 Chrysler Windsor with the straight 6 and fluid matic trans. My question is, what type of gas should i be putting in it. Should i be putting in an additive to compensate for the absence of lead. Thanks. I am sure this is just the first of many questions i will have and want to thank everybody in advance for the knowledge and expertise that they share. Mike