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  1. I have a 52 chrysler windsor deluxe for sale, i am asking 3,800 or best offer. The car is in Sandyville, Ohio..US. The engine was just redone this past winter,there is a new master cylinder,all new brake lines, brake cylinders,all new shocks and new wiring.There is a new stainless duel exhaust as well as 4 new tires. The car is complete. The front floor was replaced, there is some body work under the back and front lights. The doors and other body parts are solid. The radio does not work as well as the clock. The gas gauge needs a new sending unit but all other gauges work. There is a dent on
  2. c49er, your were absolutely correct. I took it apart and cleaned every contact point. Put it back together and low and behold, it turned right over with the key. Thank you Frank,Rusty,Joe and especially c49er for all your help.
  3. I checked and rechecked....gonna try one from napa....i will update....thanks for every bodies help.
  4. Frank, there is a "relay / resistor" device that is mounted on my air cleaner support, which is where the wires for the Fluid-Matic are connected to. You are correct for saying that the wiring diagram pictures come from the 51-52 chrysler manual i have and the separate wiring schematic came from the wiring harness for the carb,trans. I just wanted to add that this problem started last year before i had ever touched anything on the car, one day it worked the next day it didnt. Not sure if that means anything or not.
  5. Cb is correct in that it is a carter BB. I have the same carb on my 52 chrysler windsor. It works with the Fluid matic. In my 51-52 shop manual it shows the carb# as E9A1 which is equipped with a kickdown switch and the magnetically-controlled dashpot(slow closing throttle), is used with the Fluid-Matic trans. You should be able to find the carb# on the other side of where it is marked "MFD. by carter"
  6. Frank and Rusty, this is the diagram from the manual for c-51, and the diagram for the trans and carb that i had when i replaced those. Not sure if this helps at all. But i thought it might clarify things. Thank you.
  7. Thank you Frank, i will give that a try. My dash is out of the car right now so all wires are accessible( i am checking any and all wires for breaks, or bare wires). I have read many posts on this site for the Fluid Matic trans and also in my manual, i will continue to read up to gain knowledge.
  8. I thought about the key switch, but ruled that out because when the key is turned i can hear a click at the relay on the fender,which i am assuming that the power is getting that far but not making it from that point down to the solenoid. Is there a way of checking the key switch such as "hot wiring" so i can eliminate that as the problem?
  9. Thank you for clarifying things for me Frank. That is the only way to start the car right now, is to turn the ignition key to on,and using the screwdriver to go from the big contact to the one directly above it like you suggested.(a trick my dad showed me) I just want to be able to use the key to start my car:( I already learned the hard way to make sure to put the top back on and the correct way, of which i was left a nice mess to clean up.
  10. Here we go....excuse the messiness, i am still putting things back together. I have followed the wiring schematic from the Chrysler manual and it shows the solenoid wire going from the solenoid on the starter to the terminal on the relay.
  11. Thank you Owen. Thats hooked up correctly then.
  12. Thank you all. Frank this is my first pre-56 mopar, but luckily i have a motors manual (from my father) and a chrysler shop manual, so i got the wiring down correctly. I tried doing like you suggested with removing the field terminal and jumping it, but no luck. My starter relay is located on the drivers side fender well and has 1 large post for the battery and according to the book the ammeter and battery terminal on the horn relay, it has 3 smaller posts one is marked for ignition, one is marked for armature going to the armature post on the voltage regulator, and one is marked for solenoi
  13. i have a 52 chrysler windsor and am having a problem finding a starter relay for it. There are 2 on ebay,but both are over 300. Being on a very fixed budget my question is this. Is there something that will work till i find a correct one in my budget. After searching the net the only thing that keeps showing up are relays for old ford tractors. I have 4 posts on the original one,a main terminal for battery and starter, a small terminal for the solenoid on the starter, a small terminal for the voltage regulator,and a small terminal for ignition.
  14. No worries Rusty, i can understand your frustration. I feel the same way sometimes when i help my nephew work on his 80 something Firebird. What i think is easy or common sense puzzles him. But again i do thank you for always willing to help.
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