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  1. Dan, I´m a romantic, would never buy a car just for investment! With that amount I'd go for a Facel Vega HK 500, seems to me a perfect blend of US and european technology and styling. And hopefully I'll get my money back after 10 years if needed, and I'd had a great time enyoying it in the meantime. What do you think? Carl
  2. Jeff, Yes, my first car! Simca Vedette AB Beaulieu 1958, bought very cheap in 1965. Not a top quality car, but very fun and easy to drive (OK, all first cars are fun to drive, but this one was very, very special!) Carl
  3. Interesting, didn't know of the Paxton. Suppose the lack of $$ was lack of perspective of profit. Would it have cost more than bring the London Bridge to the States? A pity.
  4. Carine, out of topic of this thread but I confirm the story is correct, I clearly remember having read the notice in the newspapers, think in the early or mid sixties. But I can't tell you if they got the man at the end. :confused: Carl
  5. Not so early, just half a century ago, but what about the aircooled aluminium V12 intented for the Argonaut luxury motorcar? Are there any drawings of that engine? They never got to build a prototype, did they? And, as the original thread doesn't specify internal combustion engines, I would mention The Doble steam engine as quite unusual. Seems to have had an extraordinary performance for the late twenties, wonder what it would have developed into today if it had survived?????
  6. “Classic”…as a recent member to this forum it is far from my intentions to discuss any senior member´s definition of that concept. I’ll accept their opinions and basically I agree. If the Classics or Vintage or Antiques are defined to specific eras, time will come (hopefully) when hundred year old cars don´t qualify for any of theese categories but surely they could become desirable and collectable. Suppose we will not just call them OLD cars… Any ideas??? To me personally, anyway, the meaning of a (low case letter) classic car is not limited to a certain period. A cocktail mix of age (of cou
  7. When I was a young boy up in Stockholm I dreamed about the Cadillacs, a '53 coupe in yellow with green tinted glasses, or a '55 - '56 Eldorado Cab, dark red with tan interior and continental kit... Such dreams seldome come true, and my first car was the closest I could get to it, a french Simca Vedette Beaulieu '58. That was a former french Ford with stone-aged technology: a tiny 84 HP flathead V8 and 3 speed shift with no synch on first gear, not very sofisticated but with a beautyfully designed american styled bodywork. Surprisingly it offered an excellent behavement on the road and I had l
  8. Thanks Bill, as it was patented in mid 1909 I supposed it was mounted on cars from 1910 and onwards, untill ???. I understand the Cadillac "thirty" was produced 1909-1914, so if it was used only till 1911 it would mean the model or supplier was changed after a short production. I have also seen pictures of a 1910 Cadillac with seemingly no speedometer, was it just an optional equipment at this time? Carl.
  9. Hello, Have an old speedometer made by Stndard Thermometer for Cadillac, patented in 1909. It is in very good condition, the original glass had some smaller chips but was changed in Stockholm in the 80's. There is also the flexible cable (not polished and with a slight dent on housing but turning perfectly) complete with drive gear. I would like to know in which car models and years this gauge was mounted, and an estimated value if anybody has an idea about this
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