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  1. With the 4th being tomorrow, I wonder how many will attempt this?
  2. Does this apply to most of the judges as well? The ones I've seen over the years seem pretty (dare I say) "meticulous"...
  3. Ha ha... good description dustyc. How did you keep the bug from tipping over? Another Thermador on a Chevy truck. They seem to be very popular with the 50s Chevy truck guys....
  4. Even though it was a sedan at one point I've always thought if Chrysler designers would have produced a Vic Six truck it probably would have been a success. The body seems timeless in my view. Would have been a nice styling combo for sure. Not to say the Merchant Express and other small Dodge Brothers trucks like the F10 and UF10 aren't appealing though, those too have always been some of the neatest 1/2 ton trucks. Actually that whole era of 1/2 ton trucks was pretty amazing no matter who the manufactures were.
  5. What's your location? SW NW NE SW Midwest... ? Not sure the year on this one but Engine # is M105xxx Located off I-10 west of Phoenix AZ
  6. All truth. Your points are valid but be careful.... buttercups aren't buckled up around here. Denial is a powerful tool controlling much of humanity these days (how dare we stand for what we believe in...) Maybe he got tired of reading about snowflakes? My money says he'll be back. They always come back. Come home tin man 😗
  7. Unusual body with curved doors. Chevy special body type?
  8. Correct, it was a department store that sold womens clothing, sporting goods and such.. Noticed the wagon and the special delivery both had the same logo B.H.Dyas Co. B. H. Dyas - Wikipedia Here's the original link I found it on that shows the vehicle and info of the locations in the Los Angeles CA area Water and Power Associates Hint: ctrl/F old setters parade and it will take you to the section. A person could get lost in time on that Water and Power website about the LA/Hollywood history... I still have no idea what type of vehicle it is, I thought Packard due to the shape of the grill and hubcaps. Just not enough detail in the photo for a positive I.D. and I couldn't locate any other clues.
  9. I would agree with that.... I believe this same type of vehicle was posted in a parade photo approximately 100 pages ago. If I find it, we may have a better angle. It was questioned at the time who the maker was (my guess would be Packard) but no one responded. Will try and find it again...
  10. Medical location early Sunset Blvd. What type of body is in the middle of the frame? The white one...
  11. Anyone from Canada know the story behind this team? My search said Dawson City Canada (Yukon)
  12. Someone else had the same idea Vintage RIMAC NO. 622 Tool Made in USA | eBay
  13. I have the upper sections made by Imperial Brass MFG. Anyone happen to have the bottom sections?
  14. Totally agree.. Having sold insurance for a few years I'd have a ton of questions for trimcar and for the owner, and they should have a ton for the agent in return. You nailed it, negligence and business are the key words here and God forbid, negligence can happen in many many unforseen ways in a tortasses eyes. Tortass is spelled correctly....trust me Don't even get me started on what happens if the neighbors tree falls (randomly or by wind) and smashes the car while in storage... good luck sorting that one out TC.
  15. I hear your point but even a lot of the old adverts from the period have the convertibles with white walls. I agree though, why have a classic body and bling it out... doesn't make sense to me either but then again, the "hotrod" era was lost on me so I guess I'm a poor judge of beauty... Don't get me wrong, I love power but if it's not factory power mixed with class and longevity then it will be dated before you know it if you go changing things beyond what they should be. I think your point about these era's of Olds is a great example of taken something from it's natural form and making it un-natural. Great example. Here's a 42- from the color at the door pillar it looks to be original dark green. Not a 47 but a year earlier essentially (due to the war). I do like the 47's more though for obvious reasons. 1942 Oldsmobile 60 for Sale | ClassicCars.com | CC-1062692
  16. I can relate. Not sure what's worse, not ever knowing your father, having an abusive father, having a father that left 6 kids all under the age of 14, or having to listen to him later in life spew hatred for all of them as if the kids were the reason for his woes in life. I'd say all of the above... lol Thank God those days are over... As for wheels, I have never seen a 67/68 Cuda fastback especially in black that ever looked right without Cragars.. Closer but too way to much wheel candy with the large white letters (killer hood scoop mannnn lol) Just right
  17. If it's in NE Kansas SE of Wathena along the Missouri river it's more than likely a Model T Ford. My grandfather (unfortunately) buried countless Fords in a ravine on his property in the 30s/40s. I'm sure others will tell of similar stories and I suspect this vehicle met the same demise....
  18. Does it come with all the attachments (cables and pedal hardware) in these two drawings? Or is it exclusively just the unit that attaches to the rear of car... If so, can you show electrical connectors? Very nice piece btw.. thanks for posting it.
  19. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this box will show in your reply as you quote him^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I don't know if this will help some of you guys looking for parts from this seller but it may help to click on "QUOTE" on one of moparmans posts so that he gets a notification that someone is responding to his post. (See box above) A lot of guys don't frequent these forums daily and have no way of knowing someone has responded if they don't visit daily.
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