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  1. Still looking for the two parts in first post 1. license bracket and 2. side mirror bracket and/or mirror Thank you for any help
  2. Surprised there hasn't been a positive ID on this one yet. The spare hubcap seems like a profound clue with it's unique cone shaped design.
  3. Don't know of any that used a 2 5/8. You sure it's not 2 1/2"? Measure inside edge of threads, not the outer edge of the threads inside the puller. Got a photo? We could probably ID it if you have a photo
  4. Also try contacting Bob Schmitt Car Collections and Digital Technology (carlibrary.org) or HathiTrust Digital Library | Millions of books online
  5. Here's the truck for the viewers. How much are you asking and where is it located?
  6. Isn't that half the fun, bargaining with each other at swap meets and having a good time? (never had the pleasure of attending Hershey) Most of us grew up horse trading... hell, I even negotiate at the retail level and some folks think I'm joking but I've bought a ton of things at discount that way, even retail... Rare parts are a completely different animal though... I don't budge as a seller and nor do I expect another seller to budge on rare parts. Example: I need a mirror bracket for my truck and am willing to pay up to $300-$400 for it just because I know I cannot find it anywhere and it's exclusive to my year and model, but when it comes to parts like hubcaps, gauges or other items that were interchangeable with many other models and years I will always negotiate.
  7. I'm curious what this device is. Incredible job Ron ! Amazing ....
  8. It's very fascinating. I for one don't find it boring especially when answers are uncovered and the more you post these oddball items, the more research can be done to gain those answers. Although I will say, the top line on the first poster about lost me initially ("A Ford is the best!")... Such blasphemy !
  9. Neat item thanks for posting it. Several events led up to the restriction but started in Sept 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. Refer to "Pulp and paper policies of the War Production Board and predecessor agencies, May 1940 to January 1944" by Maryclaire McCauley published 1946. #3 - Pulp and paper policies of the War Production Board and predecessor ... - Full View | HathiTrust Digital Library The following excerpt should explain what led up to these restrictions: "When Germany invaded Poland in Sept 1939, the pulp and paper industry in the US was at the climax of a cycle of under capacity operation resulting from domestic overexpansion and inability to combat Scandinavian competition. The paper market in the US was quiet, with prices low and demand slacking. Stocks had been allowed to dwindle to dangerously low levels as industrialists waited for more suspicious buying conditions. The British and French declarations of war on Germany on Sept 3, 1939 set off a wave of speculative buying and stock replacement of pulp and paper. Panic swept the industry as successive events - the cessation of German exports; and, in April 1940, the fall of Norway and Denmark threatened to cut off all European sources of supply. Since Scandinavia had provided five sixths of the total world exports of woodpulp, the isolation of Scandinavia promised to shift to the US and Canada the burden of supplying pulp to the whole non-Axis world. For this reason, and because it was feared that shortages of paper would have an adverse effect upon the whole national economic structure, the pulp and paper situation was among the first to be brought to the attention of the Advisory Commission to the Council of National Defense."
  10. This may help the viewing audience. Good luck
  11. Funny .... love the intro As you know shipping heavy parts are rarely worth it to a buyer because of the obvious cost and not to mention the headache of shipping/packing for the seller. Coordinating with someone who's taking a load to another part of the country that works for the buyer and seller is usually the best option. Having said that, you may want to try the Dodge Brothers Club website, Craigslist and other adverts... you never know till you try. I'm traveling thousands miles to get parts I need in the next month. If someone want's those parts bad enough, there's always a way and always a buyer on the other end if the price is right. If you're looking for the high end of market value then shipping won't work as Dodge Brothers buyers know the limit and are wise and realistic. Good luck on finding them a new home. Someone will want them. Dave
  12. Am I the only one nervous about what's perched above the cars? That shelf/ramp looks like it's going to slide off at any moment. Love the LEDs for safety and the original for shows.
  13. I agree, but I'd have to add that because of the lost revenue (yes, due to covid) they found themselves in this situation (just in time delivery model) to begin with. So many other factors are definitely pointing to a predicted inflationary situation that only compounds where we are on top of everything else. Combine the uncertainty or fear of taking a risk to increase inventory along with the covid unknowns IE shipping, material costs, the Fed's unending manipulation of the entire system etc... then why would anyone expect anything otherwise? --- For those that didn't see this coming, they must have had their head in the sand. Things are NOT the way they used to be and I doubt we'll ever see a return to normality. As Studmax hinted, prior to the internet... wisdom and patience will always reign supreme.
  14. Do you have the front bumper? I might know where one is if you need one.. Awesome! I can't imagine the grin you have not to mention those that are seeing your truck for the first time... Good on you I bet if you (and other owners) contact Chrysler Museum and promised to donate your truck it might be the only way we can get them to open the doors to the public again... . Knowing them though..., they'd probably close the doors to the public just after receiving your kind donations.
  15. 1928 Example: 1928 Plymouth Q - GregColt - Shannons Club
  16. Hi Bob, if you still needed to find out here are a couple references that might help
  17. Another one bites the dust... Some good parts though. Hopefully someone can save what's left.
  18. Selecting the word USED under condition on the left hand side reduces the nonsense in half. As Joe said, the sellers attach keywords now making it almost impossible to filter out everything. The problem with using filters is you might miss that one part you're looking for if seller listed another way than you filter. Take for instance Not Specified. After I look at the used parts I try Not Specified and I never look at new because I know the parts I need won't be listed under new. Unless they are 1930 NOS parts which they never are...
  19. There's only two opinions about these creations.
  20. My 27 hp 3/4 ton Dodge panel is rated at no more than 25 mph with a load. It's not road worthy yet but when I get there, I'm sure I'll be grinning ear to ear. Prior to that it was a toss up between a mid 60's Dart that I bought for $50 and a 66 Chevy with a tired 283 rust bucket. My wife's 80 vette came in at a close third. Chevette...
  21. If you're ever in the southwest be sure and stop by the Cloud Museum in Bard CA just north of Yuma AZ. Mostly Ford stuff but worth the trip from what I understand. I'm heading there once it cools down this fall. Can't go wrong for $5 Cloud Museum | Bard, California (dynamitedave.com)
  22. Congrats on the truck Randy very nice !.. Are you thinking about putting some lettering on it? If so, what would you put?
  23. I'd bet it's a Model IC 1 ton or CC 1 1/2 ton 1925-1926 Graham Brothers. Both the IC and CC were 137" wb. The truck on topic (the movie is on Youtube at the 1:00.44 mark) looks like it has some extra length to it. This is a 1925 model parked in the desert sw region of the USA. Guessing a shorter wheelbase btw... probably a BC model 124"wb. Hope to make a trip to view it in person this fall in order to confirm.
  24. PM Sent. Meant to send it two days ago but got busy with another task
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