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  1. I was going to mention the raised lettering but didn't think anyone would have an interest in it. Thanks for noticing it Walt... I have never seen another vehicle with these raised (cast) letters which is why I thought it very unusual. Thanks for yet another history lesson.
  2. What a glorious day! The SRT Hellcat is proving to be an instant classic. What a beautiful car... What's this lil buggah?
  3. He's NoCal and I'm AZ. so you were close Honestly cannot believe they don't have one for your DA but as I said previously, there are no guarantees for any of us but it's always worth a shot if you own a DB or GB vehicle. Thanks for encouraging others to try for one, it is important that folks at least try.
  4. Very true Bill... you make some very valid points. However, for most of us, the frustration isn't related to anything you mentioned. The frustration I've seen from most of us auto parts guys are warranted due to increased incompetent employees, and the simple fact the seller is now unable to leave negative feedback for a deadbeat buyer who makes false claims because they simply cannot read OR are too lazy to do their own research or ask questions as a buyer. Those are two very, very basic things that are not really too much to ask (as a seller) who has paid eBay fees for over twenty years. How many clients in any other business would be a return customer in any other industry if they were so disregarded? Not many, maybe some, but not many... Petitioning eBay does nothing, no matter how civil you approach each given situation whenever there's a problem. If they would at least consider resolving some of these issues by properly training employees and acknowledging customer (buyers and sellers) situations are not always so black and white you'd see a great majority of the market begin to enjoy the experience once again. You're right though, they'll keep doing it because they have the market cornered. Still the best (current) online option regardless I have to agree. A day will come when that will change as well... until then, we are forced to abide by their rules.
  5. No worries, was just hoping to clear up any questions others had and gain some answers. If you do remember it sometime please let us know along with photos if possible. Personally, I still believe the body style of the truck on topic was phased out after late 1929 early 1930 models as suggested by the poster of 1930 models along with confidential bulletins. Even with a 1931 Plymouth in the window that still doesn't prove anything. Lord knows the tow truck on topic could have been purchased several years prior and dolled up for the photo to make it appear new, but the fact remains the dealership started in 1929 so anything is possible. However, if anyone like yourself comes across a truck such as the one you describe compared to this one on topic and can prove it's a 31 or 32 with a pre 1930 body style then that might rewrite all we know about the models and body styles, which is why it's so important.
  6. I guess I can see the resemblance between a stakeside and panel ... they have the same parents after all... Point well taken
  7. Here is her response: "Hello David, For Dodge passenger cars, we have from 1927 - 1967. For Dodge Trucks, we have from 1925-1954. I hope this helps." Sorry, but no Budd cars...
  8. Mini I have sent this question in to Danielle and waiting for her reply for any clarity she may be able to offer. I would say it doesn't hurt to try. All it takes on your part is a few minutes of time. Keep in mind, there are no guarantees they will have the build card on file but it's worth a try. Hi Doug, I've been called a lot of things before but never Stakeside.... I'll consider that a compliment since he's such a good egg Mark, proof of ownership can be a few things: copy of the title along with the frame or serial #. copy of registration along with the frame or serial #. bill of sale with your name on it along with the frame or serial #. They need the frame or serial # to find the card on file. Without that, I doubt they can help with any request. Off topic: The irony is, they have them on file by frame # yet we as researches cannot ask for that chronological sequence in order to help answer questions unless we own a vehicle. Thus making it impossible for us to answer how many of what models were produced during the transition years. Mini rant over..
  9. Two words... Restraining order Please tell me that wasn't about 1983... I remember something like that happening on my way to Russ and Abbys La Pizza house from the south side traveling north on SE 14th before you cross over the bridge as you're going to the east side... talk about a small world. My worst mechanical failure was a mid 70s Duster rear end locking up at 65 mph... Come to think of it, that was a very high pitch scream also...
  10. Some of you know that I'm a huge advocate of obtaining build cards from the Chrysler Museum for your vehicle. I again implore every Dodge Brothers owner (car or truck) to send in for a build card so that you can get answers for your vehicle and hopefully in turn help those of us who are doing research find some answers also. Having said that, I wanted to give everyone some good news in regards to Build Cards and hope to clear up any confusion folks may have had in the past year. I recently reached out to Danielle S at the Chrysler Museum to clarify if owners of Dodge Brothers vehicles are still allowed to request build cards. The following is her response regarding process, fees and expectations..., please keep in mind that Covid restrictions may cause delays so be patient. Currently they are remote and will not return to office until Covid restrictions are lifted (which is anyone's guess..) "Hello David, If a customer sent an order by mail, we have recorded those and will answer them in the order they were received. Email was a bit more difficult to track this way, so we are asking people who emailed us to try back later this year and we will try answering them in the order they are received. We are anticipating long wait times and would prefer customers to provide emails so we are able to send build records by email for quicker delivery times. There is no fee for build records at this time. Proof of ownership is still required. Once this is sent, a copy will be emailed to the customer when we are able to process their request. Danielle" By mail Historical Services CIMS 410-11-21 12501 Chrysler Freeway Detroit, MI 48288 Email danielle.szostak@fcagroup.com
  11. FYI the second link redirects you now...
  12. Hi Doug, It's been over a year so I thought I'd ask.... Have you had any luck getting any frame # data from the owner of the truck you mentioned in this post? According to your post you know where a truck is just like the one on topic. Regards Dave
  13. Good question, I don't think so from memory but will double check next time out
  14. I think it is the cast iron version? Must be useful to someone...
  15. Just seeing if there might be a need for this carb and to see if anyone can ID the year Buick may have used them and if it was original for Buicks. I hate to see it go to waste, the carb is just sitting on a skeleton parts car so I though it might be of use to someone in the Buick crowd. It may be Oct/Nov before I can make another trip to the yard because of the extreme heat but once it cools down I could retrieve it if anyone needs it. Feel free to post here or in PM if you have any interest and I'll make note of first come first serve basis. Thanks for your input Dave
  16. I think I found some. May have to wait till it cools down (October) but will keep you posted when I make another trip to the yard. Did you need the bench seat springs in the photo or do you have the seat and back spring supports?
  17. Jon you're amazing I'm always thankful for your posts but when I reflect on the time you put into it, the thought, and the fact that you have a desire to help others so much says a lot about your character. I for one am very thankful for your countless posts of carburetor education. Dave
  18. Where are you located, how much, and can we please get a clear upright photo of it?
  19. Show off!... jk Hey John, do you think that bar is salvageable? Looks pretty roached.
  20. Still looking for the two parts in first post 1. license bracket and 2. side mirror bracket and/or mirror Thank you for any help
  21. Surprised there hasn't been a positive ID on this one yet. The spare hubcap seems like a profound clue with it's unique cone shaped design.
  22. Don't know of any that used a 2 5/8. You sure it's not 2 1/2"? Measure inside edge of threads, not the outer edge of the threads inside the puller. Got a photo? We could probably ID it if you have a photo
  23. Also try contacting Bob Schmitt Car Collections and Digital Technology (carlibrary.org) or HathiTrust Digital Library | Millions of books online
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