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  1. I'd say that's a winner and very salvageable... Very cool!
  2. I've personally only seen one Superbird and that was around 2007 in Desert Hills AZ... My older brother owned a pretty rare 70' 440 GTX lime light green similar to this one and I used to clean it daily for him from 77 to 78. Loved that car but never seen a Superbird or Daytona in person till 2007.
  3. I think this is the chart you're referring to that shows the end of 27' and beginning of 1928 models around your serial range. I noticed it previously and had questions locked away in regards to what you are inferring but it's one thing at a time as I'm trying to process all of the many bits of information. Very good point and I'm interested in the correct answer for sure.
  4. If you're talking American made and by todays modern standards (imo) it's hands down the Dodge Challenger Hellcat triple black package. I don't think you can find a car that meet all three of your criteria otherwise (American made). Beautiful styling and looks, and definitely meets the performance standard (and beyond) plus the value. I'd put the value against anything on the world market with all it offers. Just my opinion... (sorry Vette and Stang kids...) However, the fact that it is so much of a performance (muscle) car, it may toss it out of this conversation. Funny, disqualified for being too powerful.... But let's be real... judging anything compared to the L29 (or Duesenberg Torpedo) isn't even fair . There is no equivalent PERIOD.
  5. Goes without saying but I doubt "need" is involved. More like want... He now owns a 59' Vette with 460 HP and a 70' Charger with 1000 HP as of spring 2021. Let's hope he (and any friends he lets drive) decide to have a bit more respect for these beasts and the public this time around.
  6. Well said Walt... And don't forget, some are still standing as a new history is being written 200 Lancaster Ave Ardmore PA A recent google street view shows it's still there . Now with a handicap ramp showing it's up to code..
  7. As much as I hate to admit it, there will come a day when that won't be the case.... and I believe that day is closer than we think. I too like the thrill of the hunt but you have to admit, it's inevitable this will someday be a reality. I'd use it if it helped and not ruin the swap experience. I could see it becoming a problem IF miscommunication occurred, getting hopes up and causing frustration and angst on both sides (buyer and seller). Now.... If I could only get my grand kids to focus for 20 seconds in order to explain the need to them maybe they can create the app
  8. As per pinterest: Employees at the Wenatchee Auto Paint Shop at 625 S. Wenatchee Ave. in 1920 included Hank Winterringer, left, bookkeeper, and Ben Fritz, who painted cars by hand.
  9. Not trying to be picky but I wanted to make note it does say Regal Shoes and it looks like some huge monster like figure is attached to the top of the sign? A lot of these guys were (and still are) part of the masonic culture and were into Griffins and all kinds of weird creatures. So my guess is it's a Griffin. Just a guess though.
  10. As the Victory code shows up under engineering code 130 on the passenger car model chart, it also shows up as 130 for the engineering code for many truck years and models on the truck model charts. * Another question I have for Victory Six car guys is, what is the 131 listed next to 130 under engineering code? * For trucks the second number is the wheelbase. Car chart: Truck chart showing the Victory: Truck chart showing 130 code: Same basic truck chart with 130 code again,
  11. Soft filtered water late 1800s... And kids nowadays thought it was something recent.
  12. That's what I was thinking... I think it could be a 77 1930 Chrysler Series 77 | conceptcarz.com
  13. Also a neat lil tidbit some of you might appreciate... NY Laundry out of Jacksonville FL had a fleet of 13 GB/DB trucks or commercial cars. This fleet data is from 11/1930 And here's one of the "commercial cars". This one is technically a 126/127 series passenger car 116" chassis from Sept 1927 Interesting to see the numbers putting a face on some of the body styles we've seen and may of been curious about. Sorry to get off topic of my Victory Six question but it's just so fascinating to me I thought others might enjoy it as well.
  14. Recently came across a document for a model 1928/29 DET GB truck (right before switching the name back to DB for trucks) that shows a M code Victory Six engine number M-108867 that shows "x20" next to it. Does anyone know if there is any relevance to this or am I just reading too much into it? I'm guessing it may have meant something to the dealership that sold the vehicle.
  15. Funny, I looked right past the obvious for good reason but I see some of you boys really get your pants in a bunch over it. lol amazing.. Guess some of us just appreciate seeing old cars regardless how they are displayed. Some of you guys do a grand ole jobber of picking apart the obvious things that some of us just don't give a sh&* about. Kudos for getting stuck on what bugs ya. Feel free to correct him for his pathetic labelling practices. I'm sure he'd like to hear from all of you misers of extreme knowledge lol
  16. I'm probably going to get flamed for being so brutally honest here but... what else is new? Not trying to cause anyone harm or be disrespectful of anyone's situation (sorry for your loss btw, it really does suck) but just my view as devils advocate after viewing things from the other side for several decades as the insurance industry and public behavior have evolved. SC38 As you know, there are many other factors that could be at play in regards to response times and answers you have received that are causing your frustration. Your assuming how you want the adjuster to respond base on your past business experience in an entirely different industry. I fear reality is much more different. Isn't there a hurricane that is effecting the east coast on a weekly basis this time of year? Didn't the accident happen "a few days ago"? A bit of history: My wife is a claims advocate for one of the top 5 insurance companies worldwide after spending many years as an adjuster on the front lines and ask that maybe a bit of patience is needed... Oh the stories she could tell of your situation and countless other more complex situations (the loss of the twin towers comes to mind). As you've said, it's only been a few days, everyone is overwhelmed by the losses in your area currently. All customers are important but there are many factors involved that WILL be relayed to you as they get to your situation more in depth. What you have been told to this point is a generic overview and an "estimate" to at least provide you with some initial hope and trust in an emotional time for you, not to try and disrespect you but to try and put you at ease. One thing that's important to remember is: The car is not your daily driver. Meaning, with all due respect yours is not a priority since it's not a daily driver as adjusters have many other vehicles/structures/businesses that are experiencing more catastrophic losses than your fender bender and maybe, just maybe others have reported those substantial losses prior to your damage. The estimate (when finalized into an agreement) will break it down and you'll be floored by the amount of labor cost and I'm sure it will all make sense or you can at least know so you can then dispute it or file suit or settle etc.... 1. You have no backup detailed information about the number you are saying it will cost to fix Give them time to finalize it, that detailed info is never offered initially in your situation all things considered. Remember, there are many options for this outcome so don't assume you know what it will or should be. 2. You have told me I will have options on what I want to do - also a big part of your advertising (this coming from a guy -me - that has spend 45 years dealing with publishers and the advertisers associated with that industry), hen you have NO information about those options. Your assumptions about how they are "suppose" to respond will cause this type of frustration especially if you use another industry standard for your demand on how Insurance should be handled. Folks need to realize that because fraud and deceit are so wide spread there are many other behind the scenes factors to any investigation and therefore the answers are not instantaneous nor are they initially revealed hence the generic answers your getting currently. Not to be confused with lies or knowingly deceptive practices.... 3. You state inaccurate information about legal information regarding the titling of a vehicle in a state. Do the research first before you make a serious mistake. If it's a salvage title that could change many things, so again, please be patient. It is true that human beings make serious mistakes all the time, there's no denying that.., some out of incompetence but others out of a lack of experience or buckling under pressure just to name a few reasons (in the industry)... doesn't mean they will not take care of your case properly in the end. So yeah, mistakes are made, especially in stressful situations when being pressured un-necessarily or out of extreme misguided care with good intentions, but in the end the company HAS to follow state guidelines before a settlement is agreed to and your answers will be quite different than you think. Automobile total loss adjusters have more facts to look into than you can even imagine.. it's stupid how many laws and legal bs we have in this world nowadays (thanks to widespread fraud) and they get to deal with it daily. Not to mention any new laws or changes they have to be on top of in order to keep up their licenses... 4. Know your clients - everyone accepts the fact something like this accident and results from it can be very upsetting to the antique car owner. Have accurate answers before calling with half ass answers that are going to most likely be asked because of those emotions. Especially asked after you brought up the options in an earlier call. Realize this is a business transaction for you but an emotional transaction for the owner. Adjusters and agents are all consumers too so trust me, they are very concerned about every situation and trying to do what's right for you as a client because losing you is a direct reflection on them and, WILL effect their own job security. Never assume they don't care lest it create more frustration within you, you're getting to old for that ... 5. In other words - Give the service and understanding your advertising and owner stresses and may be the only reason your company got picked over another. They company pays them handsomely and they were trained (by law) for this and will provide the service you paid for but after only a few days, with everything else going on in regards to losses in your area, yours may not be priority number one. Your answers will come once the investigation and other factors are completed. Many of which you know nothing about that happens behind the scenes when it comes to underwriting, police reports, other insureds, special investigative unit, managerial direction for cat losses that may take precedent. etc... Moral of the story? (I know most of you don't care to hear this but it's the truth) Adjusters are humans not robots. They have one of the hardest, most thankless jobs and are constantly being sh*& on, lied to, disrespected and denied proper time to do their job according to the law by the public, lawyers, bosses, etc... but they keep plugging away because it's their very lively hood AND, believe it or not, most of them actually do care about getting it right since they are consumers and have families of their own and have had personal losses also... They are not robots, they don't know every answer to your questions initially (which is why they call it "adjusting"), they can't put you at ease or heal your shattered world but most of them always and thoroughly investigate and try to resolve each individual claim as if their own family member was involved, while keeping to company and industry standards by law. I've witnessed this first hand for decades from many family members and friends who have been adjusters.. Do we box in detectives investigating theft of our property or the loss of any other kind? Why then box in someone trying to help you with a damaged vehicle? However, the ones who you should be worried about are those adjusters who don't care anymore because they've become jaded and or FEEL as if they are forced to be corralled into giving false answers thanks to a demanding or lying public, irrational management, slick lawyers etc.. but those adjusters don't last long because they don't abide by law and industry standards (which they are required to in order to maintain their license). In other words, the real moral of the story when dealing with a loss adjuster, their very lives are at stake on every call (believe it or not). And you just thought they were incompetent or didn't care .... lol. Right.
  17. I wish you the best of luck. It would be very encouraging to find out they have one for you but if they don't, please remember, you're to be commended for at least trying and having the interest in a piece of history that owners prior to you may not of known about. Thanks to the internet and our modern ways of communicating it's made it so easy and readily available so why not try and take advantage of it? I think we are truly honored to have that ability that others before us may not have had. I look at the pre 1932 Dodge Brothers era as a puzzle of sorts; as current owners, we all need to work together in order to bring the whole picture in to view. Remember, we're just caretakers until the next owner has the honor of continuing the love for these pieces of automotive history. Besides, it's the least we can do... sending in for build cards is just one of our tasks as current owners that can help secure segments of missing information and hope the next generation continue a passion for answers, no matter what year or model of DB. Again, best of luck to you (fingers crossed), we're all pulling for you and others who try.
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