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  1. Yeah your welcome. I enjoy doing it because I always learn something everytime I open these books, and it always leads to another positve line of questions for me. Glad it helped answer some questions you had. And your right, it is what it is in regards to correct parts for these things no matter the part. Every one of these models was so different it's hard to keep up with anything outside of my particular truck let alone the parts and numbers for anyone elses but I love looking for the information and doing the research. I volunteered to do work from my location here in Phoenix AZ for the WP Chrysler Museum in Detroit but there isn't any way it could work out, that's just to say how much I enjoy doing it so don't ever hesitate to ask for any help. Sherm, I have a question about the truck on topic: Did the prior information I gave above help in the search for the 185 wb truck on topic ? I'm very curious to know if we can find those answers for that truck. Again, glad you found out some info on your truck. If you need more scans let me know. 76 pages total Dave
  2. first 3 are certain models of around 45 46 GMC trucks shell on the right is 36 chevy missing the upper emblem don't know about the fender skirt looks late 40's though
  3. Yes thats one of my favorites. These photographers did some incredible. Would really love to have that Graham Bros & Dodge Bros service station sign on the left. Actually, any of those signs would be gems to own. Funny how they had "drive thru/in" gas stations back then. I'm sure because of the new found popularity and love of the automobile that these types of filling stations were viewed in a similar way that the drive thru burger joint is today. As long as it keeps us going, we don't pay any attention to where they put them or how they are regulated, heck, just put the pump on the porch !. EPA would have had a field day back then. Another great photographic moment at Shorpy
  4. Only pic I have of the radiator is a partial view
  5. Yeah your radiator is definately different than mine. I'm guessing from my studies it has to do with that transition period when Chrysler took over. From what I understand just from memory is that radiator you have was also used on the 1928 Graham Brothers trucks, but you would know better than me. Is that what you found ? I don't show Stewart carbs or fuel canisters to be original. Everything I have says that the Zenith or Carters were used and U2 Strombergs in some cases. Kingston was the fuel vac manufacturer. These may be helpful. May have to load them one at a time because the files are big
  6. What exactly are you wanting scanned ? I'll just post pics here but I need to know specifically what you are looking for. You do realize that's more like a maintenence book ? Not many pics but they do show an overhead of the frame and running gear and the interior as your looking in thru the back window. Other than that I can't see what you'd be interested in.
  7. This is the one I was thinking about. Really hard to tell but I do think there is a "flare" at the end of the REO's rear fenders. 1912 Reo the Fifth Good luck Robert, hope you find it. Dave
  8. Barely getting started. Should be a life long project with no plans on selling once complete. Still waiting on title... 1st pic is how it was pulled from the woods in Massachusetts. The next 3 pics are where it sat in Fremont CA for quite a few years after. Last pic is the day it was delivered to Phoenix AZ. My avatar is the only factory illustrated photo I've found to date. The original color is the deep dark blue with yellow wheels and stripe, same as the 1929 Merchant Express 1/2 ton truck on display at the WP Chrysler museum. Just rounding up parts and taking inventory of correct parts still. 1930 Dodge Panel 3/4 ton DA-124" wb. If anyone else has one please come forward.
  9. frame number is 231751 for photos see my gallery or go to the Dodge photos at the top of the forum. So we have the same exact 3 speed trans with different part numbers on the brake and clutch levers. Hmm
  10. Heres some of the literature that I've compiled. Maybe we can help each other out better now that I'm a little more prepared and educated in regards to the 3/4 tons ?
  11. Ok, thanks. Looks to be the same tranny but I'm not so sure. Did your tranny come from a 124 or off the 120"wb parts truck you had ? Both are 3 speeds but the DA-120 is a different 3 speed than the U-124 and the DA-124 see pages T-21-A and T-21-B in the MPB By the way, your date code for that part in the photo is in the middle portion between the T71 and the 1 1/2 on the left incase your having trouble finding it.
  12. My frame number is 231751 and yes it is an E series. See avatar and album for other pics. I'm trying to understand exactly what information your trying to find out for this truck on topic though. I was also hoping we could figure out what model your other 3/4 ton is since we both have similar respective literature (from what I've read of some of your previous posts), although my concentration has been more geared towards parts for the Panel trucks I still would like to see if I can help you out in some way. Dave
  13. Can you post a pic of what this carb looks like ? I have an extra Zenith but I think it's in the 110 series but I'm sure most of us would be happy to keep an eye out for you if we know what we're looking for. Good luck, Dave
  14. Dan, Didn't Studebaker have a few different models that year like most? I don't know, I'm not a Studebaker guy, I'm just askin. Your avatar looks to be an R series model but the one on topic looks to be an M series. I think once the owner of the truck on topic clears away the weeds and looks at the grille, bumper and any lower lights he may find it to be the M series 48. If it is a 1/2 ton I bet it's pretty desirable too. Edit: the reason I think 48 is because they seem to have more of a bubble shape to the hood of the cab. The 47 and 46 seem flatter to me. But I'm not a Studebaker guy
  15. I believe it's a 1912 REO. I believe REO had a few models around that time. Most times we think of REO as having a huge logo on the radiator but some models around that era only had the smaller radiator badge. I noticed the last photo in post #1 has a glare when looking at the radiator so it's hard to tell what the emblem may have been. However, if you consider the shape of the hood in the first photo of post #1, that's a distinct characteristic of REO from what I've encountered. Plus the lights, fenders and the rear metal that curves up at the end all match certain models of the REO line, not all but some. Could it be a 5 passenger REO Special ? Any REO guys out there ? Oldsmobile was first REO . Was your grandfather an Oldsmobile guy by chance ? Great photos and story. Thanks for sharing
  16. Studebaker was my first thought also. Matches a 48 from what I can tell
  17. From the album: Dodge

    Now stored in Phoenix AZ the day it arrived from Fremont CA
  18. From the album: Dodge

    3/4 ton interior
  19. I'd bet 35. Is it like this one ?
  20. Landman, sure is shaping up! Been subscribed for awhile, great job !. You ole (not old, but wise) guys are an inspiration for us punk 40's and 50 somethings.. Again, great job. Beautiful car and love the history behind it. Dave
  21. Kari Keen very rare parts indeed. Found an ole 6 volt steering wheel fan last year made by Kari Keen of Souix City IA circe pre 32. I may put it in my 30 Panel someday since it was period correct for that few short years they were in business. Love the thread. This photo was Posted by Dave at Shorpy. Be sure and click on it a few times to get the full effect of the great photographic moment.
  22. Although I'm not a Hamb'r as they say I have came across it via other links from time to time just in research. Not for the purists but I do respect the hard work and dedication some of those guys put into it. Although I don't agree with the butchering of a classic, I can still appreciate their work, time and money they put into it, after all, it is a free country (not so sovereign anymore but I digress... but we are still free for the time being). When I first searched and found it I cringed, but then after seeing the love the kid has for it I thought " he's actually doing a commendable job " imo. But still, it is sad to see a piece of our American history in Automoblia go to the wayside so to speak. According to his opening comments he realizes he may get some flack from purists and his comments tell me he has a deep respect for it, but as a young man he has his own independance and ideas of what the truck should mean to him so I see nothing wrong with the way he's going about it. Very good craftsman from what I can tell.
  23. Sherman, did you ever find the answer to this ? I noticed on Page T-9-C Plate 47 of the MPB shows a side view of the 6 that went in the following Models: ED, JD, OD, TD, GE, HE, OE, RE, TE, 2 ton-150, 2 ton-165, 3 ton 135, 3 ton 165, and your 3 ton 185 . Engine code shows it as being a DB. Notice the "GE, HE and the TE" are 2252 code engines, don't know if that has any relevance to your situation though because those trucks are shorter wheelbases but those four trucks, the GE, HE, TE and 185 DB are all E series according to the MPB model code index. I'm sure you know these things but I'm just hoping we can get to the answer somehow. Does your manifold have a cross mount carb on the other side ? Can you post pics of the other side of the engine by chance ? Theres a 3 ton parts book on the main auction site but it doesn't say if it's for an F or an E series. Do a search for 1931 Dodge Truck to find it. You could contact the seller and ask if it's an E series and ask to see a side view maybe he's willing to give info, some guys don't mind sending a pic in the messaging tool. Theres also side views in other literature for auction, 1929 and 30 F series trucks that may lend clues, depending on what the other side of your engine looks like. You've probably tried all these things but I wanted to put it out there incase you haven't. I'm very curious to know what you find out as I think it will help answer alot of questions many of us have. Good luck Dave
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