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  1. Since I'm so far away and cannot make the trek this year I was hoping there might be someone going to Hershey that might be willing to shop for items for those of us who cannot attend. Will make it worth your while $$$$ Drivers side mirror and/or bracket Rear license/tail light bracket
  2. BTW, I have all of these original docs as well and wanted to make note why a project like this is so important so that viewers hopefully understand why we are posting these details.. Notice the dates on all these bulletins, and notice the second bulletin shows an updated correction to a previous bulletin showing the Venturi size for this carburetor should actually be a size 24 (not a 23). That's a very important factor to consider for anyone rebuilding one of these carbs for a restoration today because those Venturis were made of pot metal and when machining the part it's helpful to know so that the carb performs like originally intended. The last bulletin shows when the change was made for semi automatic choke valve for Zenith carbs. I've shared enough for now. I'll let others post what they would like to share in hopes we can all learn from these important details.
  3. And for our Aussie friends across the pond. Thanks again to DougW for all the time he took and is continuing to take in order for all of us in the Dodge and Graham Brothers community to enjoy such extraordinary documents and photos.
  4. Here's one I'm filing under Exports. After these were shipped they were put together at what were referred to as "Assembly Plants" in historic NACC numbers. Here are some fun facts about the 1930 Export info I've accumulated from my research over the years. The advertisment puts a face on the numbers for me. Export of “Truck Parts for Assembly” (including foreign assembly) US 85,701. Canada 28,750. US & Canada combined 114,451 units Foreign Assemblies 72,250 – 67 plants (counted for Foreign distribution across other regions) Truck total 186,701 exports of trucks built in US, Canada AND Foreign assemblies combined in 1930 The research is all so time consuming but will all be worth it in a few years.
  5. Here's a photo (from one of the papers Doug uploaded to the DBC site) I've never come across before. I'm indexing this under one of my folders labeled Sales and Plant Info since it's not dated and includes all models. Notice the whitewalls on one of the trucks in the background.
  6. Great points. Here's a glimpse of how I have it set up for each year using 1930 as an example. Everything is in my pictures, I have one file for each year then create folders within folders in order to find anything I need. In this situation I will go to all the available 1930 truck models that used a DA6 truck engine. Note the U models and DB models have their own folders under 1930 as well as buses. These are all the available 1930 models which used the DES frame serial #'s. *Any UF or F series trucks have a seperate folder as these started being produced after July 1 1930 making them 1931 models* You'll notice step 3 has all the same bulletin within them. That's because the bulletin information pertained to all DA models so I sent a copy to each folder. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 If I want to go to a different model or type , bus for instance, I go to that folder Obiously still in the organizing stages but this seems to be the best method I've found to this point. I think it's a great way to share folders with others if needed. For now, because all the information is in too many places, it seems like we all need to work on something like this in order to get a lot of the information chronologically organized per each year and model then I think we'll see some real improvement in DB/GB truck research.
  7. Resembles the 1932 Limos... Haven't found a match yet.
  8. You are in the right place, this IS the ONLY resource your going to find all in one place with the click of a mouse. If you're looking for a catalog that covers various makes and years, it doesn't exist that I know of. So again, your best option is let folks here help out with the valuable ones and sell the rest as a lot... If you post an ad on here under "PARTS FOR SALE" and list them ALL as a lot you'll find a buyer in the upper northeast part of the country I'm sure of it. If you were in the southwest and if there are some good pieces in the pile I'd be a buyer but since it's upstate NY I'm just a viewer hoping to help identify them. One last thought is consignment. Meaning if you could find someone willing to do the work and ship everything then give them big cut it might work out for both parties. I know there are guys on here who sell on eBay and other sites so if the price is right and if everyone can make a profit it might be another option to think about. If your friend decides to go this route it will take time, probably a lot of it.
  9. This has bugged me since we first spoke. After revisiting the topic and doing some more digging I did confirm that this transmission was never interchanged with another transmission. Can you please post current pics of what you have? For some reason our PM interaction with those photos are missing from my history... Thank you
  10. I also have a 1936 Master Catalog No 56 and I believe it covers most motor and chassis info for 1918-1936 as well as many other items that Bud described above. Also one of my first go to books when looking for certain things. Very helpful and probably worth about $45-$75 in all fairness to both the buyer and seller due to condition (if that helps). Highly recommend it to anyone owning a prewar vehicle or love to research them.
  11. Honeycombs are always needed by someone. Without good pics and measurements you'll have a hard time recycling them to anyone but if you provide those two basic things, they'll sell to anyone in the world if someone needs it. Always consider the time and cost to ship and if you don't have the patience for it then maybe sell as a lot to someone who will see that they find good homes. I'd be a buyer if you have the Fedders radiator I'm looking for.
  12. I wasn’t aware of it, not in the AACA anymore due to conflict with one of the hall cops on this forum. Will consider it again. Thanks for the heads up
  13. Computer is in for repairs so I’ll try responding by index finger… Personally I think everything should be filed by date chronologically for easy referencing in the future. Doug has his hands full uploading it so maybe there should be a group who can use what he’s uploaded then index it and share it by email? That way we can constantly update it. We would have to be able to file share something that is edit enable friendly but has to have checks and balances for errors or mistakes.
  14. Great idea! Indexing and organizing will be key. I love the idea of having helpful docs in one location and think it's way overdue...
  15. Not sure which show you're referring to,,, sorry I'm a bit brain dead from the week long trip to Ohio.. I don't see your build card on file (keep in mind I'm trying to focus on 1928-1932 the lost years) but I see your truck as a 1938 .5 ton serial 81869xx according to the most recent Club Roster. I'm not sure if anyone has taken on the task of build cards from 1933-1938 Dodge trucks. The main reason I'm focusing only on the 28-32 years is because of the DES system prior to 1933 models being so confusing and I'm trying to find answers for that group of owners. Have you been in contact with Eric Bannerman? He has a couple of books about Dodge trucks and serial number ranges and may want to hear from you. He's not in the DBC but he's still very helpful to the post 1933 truck community regardless. Let me know if you need his email. Dodge Truck Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Decoder (t137.com)
  16. Hi Alan yes I believe I do have yours in the data from memory. Sorry I haven’t been responding, been traveling on the road for 12 hours a day since Wednesday morning. Currently in Missouri as I’m trying to get back home to AZ. Here are some parts I found in Ohio Will check in once I get settled back home.
  17. I saved a copy of that and forget about it. I bet that’s it… I think you nailed it. edit: actually that’s for the Senior truck engines so not sure if it relates to the Victory Six truck engines. Good catch regardless… thanks Sherman edit again lol ( sorry I’m trying to multitask too much right now). It is for a Victory Six also. That’s an awesome catch!
  18. Every time a politician speaks about it I can't help but think of a recent quote I came across... “No. No. I’m listening. It just takes me a minute to process that much stupid all at once.” Great photos from our Aussie brothers as always, especially the blurry 24" spinners on the roadster doing 120 I'm sure some kids today are jealous too... Looks like you are all making the best of it. Kudos!
  19. Second attempt at replying. Sometimes folks don't know we're responding unless we click on "quote" them.. Not seeing anything in regards to that number system. Anything on the firewall? Pics would help of the door tag and any firewall tag. Pics of the body would help too.
  20. Very true.... I'm still wondering how you got hit by a plaque?
  21. You should know most of us horse traders can't read You've been warned (kidding!)
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