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  1. one other thing i forgot to mention. there is no title which is worying me a little i know i can get one generated but i cannot find one naywhere on the vehicle. its not on the black panel on the dash. any thoughts?
  2. i would tell you where it is located but i am afriad you may get to him before me lol. i plan on fixing this up little by little to run alot in the summer some off roading and just plain having fun. i had an all original 1947 new yorker which i loved and sadly got rid of so i know i what i have coming with this but i am a jeep man anyway so its worth it.
  3. i did a little checking online and it said the 24 volt was from 52. i am told this jeep is 45 or 46. i was hoping to restore as it run and drives although i know its graphted. you think 600 is too much?
  4. this is the jeep i was looking at. i think it may actually be a hybrid or something used on an air base. there are no rear light but it does start righ up and drive. its definatly needs a total rehaul but it has the original engine and a new 12volt system these pics are old but i saw the jeep yesterday and it looks the same
  5. i am looking to buy an old army jeep but i don't think it has brake lights...any thoughts or suggestions on how to install them or kits or brands. thanks