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  1. Lew Bachman I was wonder about the engine size but she was positive it was a 292.
  2. I let her pick the price, they have a lot more invested in them. I explained to her that she may need to have to come down on the prices.
  3. Yes both cars have the continental kit, the pictures where just to large to put them up
  4. A good friend of our family's husband passed away a few years ago now she has decided to sell a couple of cars. 1956 Ford Sunliner frame off restoration, 292 with A/C Continental kit, lots of spare parts, multiple first places and best of shows $65,000 1956 Ford Thunderbird 292 Automatic , AC, all power brakes, steering, windows and seats. 2 tops and fender skirts. $79,000. The cars are located in Massachusetts, I will do my best to answer any questions. I have a few pictures if you want more. These cars run and drive nice.
  5. djr71

    Marmon Pickup

    Thank you for your input
  6. djr71

    Marmon Pickup

    Ok thanks for the input. I was worried it might be something to save but if it’s just something thrown together I won’t try to peruse it.
  7. djr71

    Marmon Pickup

    Here is some pictures
  8. djr71

    Marmon Pickup

    Thank you for your replies. I have asked him to send me a couple of pictures. I have a feeling it may not be a Marmon but he insist it is.
  9. djr71

    Marmon Pickup

    My friend owns a junkyard in Maine, he has a pickup that he claims is a 1926 Marmon. I can't find any info on this truck. It's rough but I feel like I should rescue it before it gets ruined. He started talking about building a rat rod out of it and I told him hold on please. Any info and pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  10. I apologize for not replying sooner. Thanks Lebowski for posting the pics. Here are some more. If there is any specific picture you want please let me know. Thanks
  11. 1948 Packard, restored, rebuilt engine, New chrome, interior, tires, wood, $35,000. Located in North Attleboro Ma. for more info Call Dick, 508-699-7144. I am posting this for my Father, it is best to call him with the questions. Thanks
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