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  1. Buicks 39 The car is over at my mechanics - not sure when I'll get over there - but when I do, I'll take a bunch of pictures for you - if you want to pm your e-mail address, that may make it easier to send. Hope that works for you......... Ken J.
  2. Sandy - you mention Rotella - isn't that a detergent oil - and isn't that a no no in these old engines? Thanks for all the advice... yes I am just down the hill from y'all Ken J.
  3. Mine are babbit bearings - yea we did pull the oil pump - that stuff is on there like cement - do you know if just the screen is available? We did take it over to a guy who has some sort of super parts cleaner and got it cleaned pretty good. Ken J.
  4. I just doing it as a limited driver - not a complete resto - Sunday drives etc So you are saying the Sludge is what happens when the car sits for a long time? Ken J
  5. Well - we are tearing into the Buick - I have a couple of questions.... Does oil turn into sluge over the years? We took off the oil pan and and there was about a inch of sluge in the pan - the car sat for 55 years. Looking up into the engine, all looks pretty clean - I think there will be sluge when I pull off the valve cover - how should I clean the insides of the engine before I try to start it? Finally, the mechanic working on it is a little concerned about the crankshaft rod bearing tolerences - he says they are 1.994" - the connecting rods have some play back and forth on the crankshaft - is this ok? Thanks for all your help in advance! Hopfully we will get this thing running. Ken J.
  6. Thats kinda what I figured - I have to admit, I've used gas, carborator cleaner, brake cleaner and kerosene. I'm really glad you guys mentioned the non detergent oil, I'm not sure I would have thought of that - and I suppose you can still buy non-detergent oil? Thanks again Ken
  7. Thanks - yea I was planning on pulling the pan and the valve cover and checking that all out - it does have the sticker and said it was serviced at 72000 miles - it now has 78000 miles - so I think its about due - I can't read what kind of oil it has though What would you suggest I used to clean inside the block/oilpump/value springs/tappets etc?
  8. Oh no I would not even try that - but it does make a good story as you say.......... Ken J.
  9. Yeah - when I bought the car, I was told I could get a bunch of money for that visor - the low rider folks really like them... - don't worry, I'm not going to sell it - I think it looks cool Olbuicks - hmmm not sure that is the one because I have a picture of the car with the granddaughter (the one who sold it to me) sitting on the fender when she was 2 years old - so that would have been 1946 - perhaps you are that was in the 50's when you loaned it to him - I think I have some squatting rights though - isn't that 20 years LOL! The mechanic that is working on it has a neighbor who is a retired master mechanic - he has had old Buicks and got as excited as can be when he saw the car - anyway, he is the one who said it had a LaSalle transmission and said it would do 80 mph in second gear - he wants to help work on the car... Hopefully withing the next few weeks they will get it in the shop and start fixing/rebuilding stuff to get it running again..... When I get over there I'll get the data plate and other numbers..... I'll keep y'all posted! Ken J.
  10. I'll keep y'all posted on its progress - thought you might enjoy this picture of when I first saw it - I've never seen so many spider webs!
  11. Since we are talking about 1939 Buicks - I thought I would show off the one I got back on Labor Day. The story on this one I aquired it from the orginal owners family - the original owner passed away in 1955 - the car was put up in a garage (78,000 miles) at that time and did not see the light of day till I pulled it out back in Sept. Its all there - the plates on it are from 1955, the tires held air and are still holding air - I think the owner had bad aim getting in and out of the garage as the fenders are kinda banged up - also it was repainted, but the paint is flaking off - it has the original upholstory. We have not tried to start it yet - I've had the front end rebuilt and we are working on gas tank, fuel and brake lines, radiatior, carb rebuild etc. It is my understanding that these cars had La Salle transmission in them? Also does anyone know how these engines will go before they need to be rebuilt? Hopefully I'll get it running in the next few months and go from there... Ken J.
  12. I'm wonder - all the rebuiliders these days mention as brass sleeve that is installed when the MC is rebuilt - I and serveal of my mechanic friends have ever heard of this - so my question is - is it really necessary to put the sleeve in or can we just hone it out like we did in the old days - also the brass seems softer to me than whats there.... Thanks for help Ken J.
  13. Wow - very nice - obvious you are leaving the brakes manual rather than power... Thanks a bunch for you help and pictures! Now I need to go look at my set up... and see how it all works Ken J.
  14. Yea - I've thought about replacing the original single mc - and I know if I keep up the maintenance - the rose garden brake failure was due to rusted brake lines - which had I looked at them, I would have been surprised they lasted as long as they did - so I'll think some more about keeping it - my aunt the rose garden and the truck are long gone, but the memories are still there and I'm thinking that extra margin of safety would be good if it could be a somewhat easy conversion. A $30 replacement sounds good - the frame mounted mc I've seen in the hot rod magazines are like $300 Ken J.
  15. Has anyone converted their single master cylinder to a duel - I have a 1939 Buick Special - and am connerned about safety - I remember long long ago losing my brakes on an old Chevy Pickup - ran over my aunts roses - buts that another story... If you did it how was it done Ken J.
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