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  1. One just sold at the mecum auction in florida a couple of months ago for just over 600k
  2. Ed do you have any pictures of thr original paint scheme?
  3. Ed love the colors , and the vent windows are beautiful !
  4. Join the club I am doing a couple now and thinking about buying a couple of more 😬
  5. Two different cars but both have fallen in price drastically , I was just in a building that s has 7 53s and 54s that we’re going to be restored but are now just sitting due to the value drop .
  6. 53 eldorados still bring good money but 53 and 54 skylarks have fallen like a ton of bricks the last few years .
  7. I’ll watch to see what the 53 Eldorado brings .
  8. Any recommendations for speedo and gauge restorations ?
  9. Anyone know where to buy some exhaust heat shielding to go over exhaust pipes as shown in this picture, preferably stainless steel ? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the info I’ll give them a call.
  11. Looking to have some hubcap centers made , anybody know of anyone that makes a small batch ? Metal center with a plastic exterior
  12. What helped was hand picking the pieces to send in the best cores that were possible, here is a piece of the stainless
  13. Every knob , bezel, seat trim , convertible top linkage etc Doesn’t include the actual upholstery or dash materials of course , only chrome and stainless pieces .
  14. Ed you are living a good life driving around in one of those !
  15. Ed are you sure ? That windshield trim sure looks curved along the cowl area .
  16. The split windshield with also being curved is stunning .
  17. This would be on my list of dream cars , it is just stunning to me .
  18. That is because he picked a car with too many doors and a roof that doesn’t come down ,
  19. Brightwork costs are becoming insane , Just finished up the chrome and stainless on my 59 eldo , came in right around 35 k !
  20. Anyone recognize this vent window lever ? Possibly 1954-55 dodge ?
  21. Put the Cadillac on facebook for free , it should bring around 3000 .
  22. John thanks for the tips but not trying to sell the car just trying to get a better feel for its value . Already have the build sheet for it so not concerned with it being the real deal because it definitely is . I sent you an email , thanks again
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