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  1. The soft cover is $40 and hardcover $50 if purchased from me. I pass along the discount I receive from the publisher. The book is in full color and 88 pages. There is also an ebook card for those who have a Kindle, ipad, etc. That is only $5 amazingly enough. If there is any specific information that you are attempting to discover regarding Brewster & Co, I will be happy to answer your question (s) via email or this forum. God bless, Frank ps if you have a Brewster automobile, I would be pleased to know which one
  2. Thank you for the quick response. I never cease to be amazed at our corporate knowledge regarding automobiles. That Brewster body is #2048 and is on a Packard chassis. Two summers ago I actually went to see the show just to track it down. Sadly, the history of the car was unknown by the Rhinebeck folks. It does, however, appear to be the "Brewster" that was in the movie The Cardinal. The age is most certainly mislabeled since the first Brewster was built in 1915 and body 2048 was probably built in 1920 or '21. Good looking Buick...think that's a Buick...in your photo.
  3. RM Auctions has sold three Oval Radiator Brewster Automobiles in the past few years. One is a Country Club Runabout #41022, a second is a "transformable" #41042, and the third is a 1921 Coupe (only know surviving Brewster Coupe) painted blue. I would like to track these cars down for a Brewster database that I have been updating. Of the 473 Brewster Automobiles built between 1915 and 1925, there are only 24 known to have survived. I have also been informed that there is a fellow who goes to Hershey ever year wearing a top hat and buys "everything Brewster". If anyone knows who this gentleman is, I'd be happy receive his contact information. God bless, Frank
  4. Exactly. If the design was not by Brewster, but build by Brewster they did not put their name on it. Of course, body tags can become lost. The same would apply if they did not build the body, but simply designed it. It does seem more than likely from the references I mentioned earlier that Brewster was engaged with Stutz in some fashion. Moreover, Brewster was building bodies for other than Rolls Royce after purchased by Rolls Royce of America. The reason I'm interested in the body number is that it would determine if, in fact, Brewster built the bodies. Brewster numbered their bodies in order beginning with #101 in 1915 (see my list in coachbuilt.com for first 1400 Brewster bodies, if interested-page 2) Unfortunately, the Brewster journals that have survived end in 1925 and the later existing journals do not reference many body numbers. However, as a reference point in 1923, Brewster was numbering in the 2500s. William Brewster's 1926 or '27 Rolls (don't remember which year off the top of my head) was in the 2800s. God bless, Frank
  5. Brian, I just found your question from JAN of 2011 regarding the 1926 Stutz. First, eBay regularly has a Stutz add for sale from that era with body by Brewster. I believe there is one for sale right now, but not certain which Stutz model. Second, William Brewster (President of Brewster & Co.) writes in his daily journal on 03 SEP 1925 "Indianapolis. Looked over Stutz factory." Then on 17 SEP 1925 William writes, "took Cal Gorrell of the Stutz to lunch." I suspect that the reference to lunch was after he had returned to NYC. The time frame for these meeting is shortly prior to Brewster's sale to Rolls Royce of America. However, William Brewster did remain as President of Brewster and became Vice-president of Rolls Rpyce of America following the sale. I would be interested to know the body number on any Stutz chassis believed to have been bodied by Brewster for my Brewster database. God bless, Frank
  6. By now you may have identified the Rolls, if not you may be able to identify it through the body number. Brewster and Co stamped the body number on most of the parts while it was being built. The easiest place to find it is under the chauffeur's seat. Generally, there is a wooden door under the chauffeur's seat that opens or lifts out. On the underneath side of the door Brewster stamped a four digit number. Some Brewster journals still exist and it is possible that this Rolls may be able to be identified through its body number. God bless, Frank
  7. An Inkling of Brewster is an 86 page book that examines Brewster Automobiles built between 1915 and 1925 and the wealthy who owned them. The book contains documentation of many original owners (200+) and known surviving Brewster oval radiator automobiles. This book was compiled from source materials including the personal recollections of William Brewster never before in print. It is available in ebook, paperback, and hard cover format through Xlibris Publishing. It is available in ebook format through Amazon. It is also available through '22 Brewster RF300@hotmail.com at a discounted rate in paperback and hard cover. God bless, Frank
  8. DNC, I missed this posting months ago and just came across it. I suspect you may have already discovered that Hugo Pfau was one of the significant writers about early coach work. I'd suggest anything by him. Are you looking for anything specific?
  9. Bob, I look forward to receiving the Brewster information. Thank you for making the effort to find it for me. The Elegance at Hershey was a wonderful event well organized and presented in a lovely setting. The folks who worked so hard to put it together are to be commended for doing a fantastic job. God bless, Frank
  10. I did find something online a couple of years ago regarding the Long Island Car Club, I'll attempt to find it and post the web address. It was the minutes of a meeting, I believe, with a list of individuals attending a picnic and their automobiles. One of the members of the club was Donald Andrews Cardwell who owned a 1921 Brewster delivered in JAN of '22 to Mrs. H. D. Auchincloss. I believe he may also have had a fire engine listed in the club minutes. God bless, Frank
  11. Rayjay, You might try Myers Early Dodge for the headlight rim. My emai is RF300@hotmail.com If you contact me via that address, I'll give you my phone number and we can discuss the car. It is indeed a good runner. We took it to Mystic Seaport and drove 400 miles one weekend without any difficulties. God bless, Frank
  12. Rayjay, I sent a note to you yesterday on the other thread about your '17 Dodge. I did away with the electric fuel pump. It was fighting with the vac tank and stalled going up hills. It was sending too much fuel to the carb even at the lowest setting. The vac tank works perfectly, however. I had the car prior to the previous owner from whom you purchased it through ebay. I do have some trophies that belong with the car and some older photos before we put on the new top and interior if you're interested. You may also want to be in touch if you're going to register the car in CT. God bless, Frank
  13. Rayjay, We're having a Super Bowl party at our place and a friend informed me that you have acquired a Dodge that we owned prior to the previous owner. We've got some pictures of the car from a number of years ago and would be happy to share them with you if you're interested. God bless, Frank Ps we might even have a trophy or two that go along with it
  14. One of the automobiles at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome is a Brewster. Actually it is a Brewster Town Brougham body #2048 on a Packard chassis. That body was built in 1920/'21.
  15. Congratulations on your Model T turning 100. I suspect that you know of the 100 year plaque available through HCCA. Thank you for the info on the 1912 Delaunay Belleville. God bless, Frank