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  1. JFranlin, Thanks for the tip it worked!!!!!!!!! John
  2. Guy's, Thank you for your replys, I guess the first thing to do is run down a shop manuel. I found a picture of the puller you are referring to, I can see where it would work as it applies portioned pressure, it listed for $125.00 bucks, I love tools and plan on keeping this car and giving it to one of my sons and I will need it down the road anyways. I live in Marietta, GA. the other thing I need to know is the paint code for my car. I'm having the rims shot blasted, trued and powder coated the car has the original paint two tone black and marroon. It is a 1931 Ford Town Sedan Thanks, John
  3. Hello, I just started a project car a 1931 model a town car nad plan on doing a off frame restoration. I have two questions that I need help on> 1: Where can I buy a shop manuel? Amazon tells me I have to wait four months for a re-print? 2: How do you remove the right rear brake drum the left came right off but the right will not budge. The brake shoes are not hanging, the drum turns on the shaft and I can rotor it by hand or by spining the drive shaft. I have tried heat, and a gear puller, but I'm concerned I will damage the axle if I crank down on the gear puller and heat has not been any
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