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  1. What is the weather going to be? Been looking at extended forecasts and they are all over the place.
  2. I have either clamp $3.00 ea plus postage will bring to Hershey space at CT25 Ed
  3. Used a serpentine belt for about 20 years after the leather one failed on a tour works great.
  4. Mount them outside on a hot day let tires warm up in sun for a while to soften them up
  5. The car with the no. plate on radiator shows a 1912 plate film made up out of many clips of era notice the two men eyeballing the ladies crossing the street 3/4 way in.
  6. I have 2 exactly as you need 1 1/4 from under head to end and 8 that are 1 1/2 and 6 that are 1" e mail me for more info
  7. Took my 63 Avanti to dinner in day light valet delivered to front door after dark after running wipers over dry windshield but not getting headlights on. You Avanti drivers know why.
  8. I see a speedometer, horn and side light on or near the cowl also the presto-lite tank is mounted upside down, seen in modern photos more often.
  9. Remember seeing at Ralphs a few years before he passed on. It was unrestored but in good shape.
  10. When I owned a new TR4A n 66, yes all TRs came with tubes, i was going to upgrade to Michelin tires and was told had to buy new tubes too the difference is they are a little heavier but are lapped seamed not butt seamed
  11. .404" is = to 1 cm should be easy to find
  12. Put the top down and only put up in rain or very cold then put down as soon as it dries off no one sees the wrinkles or worn places from top bows rubbing on cloth. Open cars are to be enjoyed open and shown open so top is to keep you dry in heavy rain, lite rain does not present a problem just pace the red lights.
  13. Think you should make it into the largest mystery car contest ever for one magazine and let it go on its own. Lots of fun identifying the cars. Keeps us on our toes.
  14. Last I knew it was in a private collection on Long Island N Y


    If you are going to "strive for an authentic restoration" you would make and use the steel washers and blacken them, but then we all cheat a little. and it is ok.
  16. There was a Matheson on display at Hershey a few years ago. Go on the 2015 Glidden tour and you can see one in a private collection on the tour.
  17. The 3 L Bentley was stated by the factory as good for 95 mph. A short wheelbase 100 MPH model was also offered. A 3 L Bentley set a record in 1925 of 95mph in 24 hours . They were fast and very reliable. Overhead cam gives bigger valves, 4 per hole, and less moving parts, the Bentley tack runs out of needle space at 3500 rpm. 4 cylinder Bentleys utilized only gears and shafts no silly belts and chains, which can break easier.
  18. If you are not going to rebuild put back as you found them, if rebuilding put in proper place with new bearings etc.
  19. Too many cars is just about right. Is that is or are?
  20. The engine with the generator on the front could be a Nash
  21. Dodge used 12 volts for the first 10 years of production then bowed to peer pressure and went to 6v. An sure they put in as good or better system as before so you should have no problems except finding batteries and bulbs as the Dodge owners did in the early 20s on the so called better 12volt cars. Leave the cars as they came when new they ran ok or they could not have been sold!
  22. Also notice the tank in installed correctly with the outlet on the upper location, see too many restored cars wrong. You can tell it is an old photo as there is no rear view mirror. Nice rare bumper too.
  23. Must have been used on an early jet plane reads 671 mph wow