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  1. Thanks for the comments today. I will take the parts car and sell it cheap after utilizing what I can from it. I suspect that I will not need a whole lot as the convertible is actually complete.

    I am quite concerned about the braking comments I am seeing. I live in Alberta and have family in British Columbia that I visit often. One plan is to have the convertible each summer to go out to BC. There are many mountains to cross (starting with the restoration) and ending with the Rockies. LOL.

    Would a complete new set of brakes help in this area? I hope so.

    The intent of the car is to enjoy and drive. The restoration will be a frame off, and I am fortumate enough to be able to do it right. I may show it a little and attend shows, but it will mainly be for use as a pleasure vehicle. Part of that will be a trip across the US and Canada. So safety will be the main concern, not points at shows, Everyones enthusiasm for origional cars has convinced me that this is the way to go and that this oarticular car deserves it.

    My question is how much a slight modification to a better braking system will afect the car and its value/hostory.

    Again, fully origional is important and I am dedicated to that but if everything else is true to the way it rolled off the assembly line except brakes, will it affect anything overal?

    I have decided that the origional 2 tone red is the paint of chioice, and the car had black and white leather/vynal interior.

    I have bought an origional radio that seems to be in excellent working condition. With the exception of a number of dents the car seems to be in excellent condition. Little rust and solid repairable chrome.

    I am taking the 7-8 hour drive next week to trailer both cars home so I will know more then after seeing her in person. The seller is a fine gentleman and seems genuinely interested in having her sold to someone that will care and treat her well.

    My son is getting more and more excited to get out there and get started on this project although I am sure we will have some issues with getting him out to the garage on some evenings as I am sure you have all faced. I hope this instills a love of cars in him.

    My first "car" was a 35 chevy farmers field car that I bought at 13 years old. It "almost ran" befor I gave it up and sold it to a friend, my next one was a 67 Chevelle SS convertible with 45000 miles on it in perfect condition bought at 15. It was a great car. I wish I had the foresight to keep it. I sold it for $2500 when I was expecting my first child at 19. What a mistake, I just saw one sell for $115,000 at Barrett Jackson a few months ago.

    After that kids and life have kept me away from cars with the exception of a 2008 Land Rover LR3 (the wifes ride) and a 2008 Infinity QX56 (mine).

    I was a HD mechanic for about 6 years in the oil industry working on 360 ton Haul Trucks. I learned nothing and really have to get back into any mechanical work to see if I am capable.

    I left the oil industry 6 years ago and went into commercial real estate.

    The real estate is a great career and I love it. Fortunately I do very well and can now begin to get back into my passion for cars. I find the every day vehicles very boring. The 57 Buick I saw made me fall in love.

    So I am very excited. Like many others the rods entice me. But the passion I see here is wonderful and I look forward to a true American piece of auto history restored to the way it first rolled out.

    I am sure I will be asking plenty of questions of all of you in the future.

  2. A number of responses today. All are appreciated. With everyones help the decision to restore has been made and sealed today with the purchase of an origional radio on ebay. So it is a full restoration project from here on out. I have always dreamed of a trip across the United States in a 57 Bel Air Convertible, but then saw the 57 Buick and fell in love, more unique and certainly as nice a car as the Chevy.

    Dan, you 57 is a beauty and an inspiration. Just what I want mine to look like at the end.

    I should have asked this question earlier, I paid $12,500 for the convertible and the parts car and I am wondering (late) if that is a decent price. I had found another 57 Buick Convertible here in Edmonton area for $8500 but it was on all fours and had sat for many many years in a yard of a local So Cal rod shop. It was very rough and the guy was firm on his price. So I thought that $12,500 was pretty fair for the rolling complete car. All parts are there except the radio and it has 4 new whitewall tires. I am sure the chrome has to be done but all in all its complete. The head is off the motor on the right side. Very little spot of rust on the passenger floor front and the top has been cut off due to its condition.

    I am looking for a 1957 Airstream trailer 16-20 feet to restore at the same time. It would be great to tour to car shows with one in tow painted similar to the Buick. So if anyone knows of one please let me know.

    One last question, I noted the advice to upgrade the brakes and suspension, can this be done with origional parts and still keep the restoration authentic? Any ideas?

    I appreciate all of the advice and help. It seems to be an excellent group. People in an organization make this a fun experience and he knowledge is extremely helpful.

  3. The convertible has never been altered in any way. It actually sat inside an old farmhouse for the last 20 years or so until the seller picked it up last year. It has since been inside his garage. The only rust on the car is a dime sized piece of the floor on the passenger side front. The rest is rust free although I am sure that there will be some other areas not visable until we dismantel the car. The parts car seems to have a set of mags on it and may have been played with over the years. But there simply isnt enough room to keep them both. I will strip the parts car of everything I can possibly use though. I just ordered a compatability book so everything that is interchangable will come off the parts car.

    The plan is to send all the trim to get rechromed right away, take the body off, and have the frame blasted and ready for paint before christmass. It gets very cold here for winter so all work done after November will be inside only.

    Alberta is quite far from most US events but I do go to the US for ral estate courses and to meet with clients quite often. I managed to see a show and shine in Miami in April and am going to Memphis in October.

    I will plan to attend Hershey next year if at all possible.

    What area are you in?

    9 years sounds like a long time to get your dream car complete. But I bet it was worth it. That is why we are srtarting now, my youngest is now 9 and if it takes until he is 16 or 17 so be it. But I hope to finish within a 2 year period. That way I get to enjoy it until he is able to drive it away never to be dads again. LOL.

    Thanks for the excellent advice and tips.

  4. Todd;

    Beautiful car! Looks great. How long has it taken you so far?

    I am located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I plan to start attending swap meets and car shows begining next spring. There are a few projects around the house that the wife needs completed, a hot tub installation and a deck to complete. Then the car project can begin and get the attention it requires.

    I have just purchased a number of industrial shelves and bins for the storage of parts so the plan is to be dilligent in the storage and itemization of the parts as they come off.

    I am forutnate to have a best firend of 30 years that is an auto mechanic and the project will get us together more often as his kids are mostly grown and my 9 year old is the last of 5 at home with me. He will likely be around a lot more with the project started.

    My biggest concern is the condition of the body as I do not weld and have not seen the car except for the pictures that have been sent. The car is located about 7 hours away and we leave next Tuesday to pick up both cars.

    The first stage will be to strip the 4 door parts car of all wanted parts and send the balance of the car for scrap as I do not have the room to store the parts car. Once that is done we can get the convertible into the garage and start.

    Your advice to photograph the car completely is wise and we will do so. Having been out of the work for so long that is a real concern for me. So the camera will be relied on heavily.

    I will post pics each week after next Tuesday to keep everyone updated.

    Again, everyones comments are appreciated and helped me to decide to restore instead of rod the car. We may pick up another car or perhaps a pickup for a rod project later.

    Thanks again.

  5. I give. LOL. I have decided that based on your comments and some parts research (late into the night) that we are going to restore this car. Your comments are appreciated and exactly what I was looking for after finding this group and deciding to join.

    Having decided that I am in need of a radio for the car as this seems to be the only item missing from the car. Please let me know if anyone has one for sale.

    As for the frame off decision I know it is a huge project. I have not done major restoration work for some time but I spent 6 years as a heavy duty mechanic in the oil industry. As a commercial realtor for the past 5 years I have done little hard work but look forward to it. I am fortunate to have a third garage and plenty of space for the project.

    My son is almost 9 years old now and the project is really for him. I hope to instill a love of old cars and a hobby that will allow him to have a passion for projects. I understand that it may take years to complete.

    There are plenty of excellent companies in our area that work on restorations and autos. I also have a client base that includes mechanics, welders, and body shops and like most areas the barter system is alive and well.

    Again, thank you for the comments and the enthusiasm you all seem to have. I will document the project from picking up the car to completion for those that wish to follow along and any advice will be appreciated.

    My search for the radio is just the begining as I am now starting to replace toold and equipment that will be needed for the project. I was lucky enough to find a rotiserie yesterday for $250.

    The budget for the restoration is about $50,000 hopefully this will be close to the mark.

  6. Dave;

    I certainly am leaning towards a restoration. I get the preservation aspect and completely agree. Plenty of people are rodding and I have seen a number of really nice 57 Buicks that are just about completely origional and simply have mags or are lowered. Attached is one I fell in love with for you to see.

    My question should have likely centered around asking how difficult it may be to source parts for this car as I believe they were only made that particular year and it may be difficult to locate parts.

    I appreciate the comments though and will be picking up the car next week. I will have a better idea of exactly what I am up against at that time.

    It is a project for my son and I and hopefully he will enjoy it. We plan to fully document the project from pickup to completion.


  7. Hello everyone. I just purchased a 1957 Buick Special Convertible along with a 57 Special 4 door parts car. I am wondering what everyone thinks about whether we should do a frame off resto on this one or is it appropriate to rod?

    With 8505 of these convertibles made I am not sure if it is rare enough to restore.

    It is in pretty good condition. I am looking for a stock radio for the 57 though. Any ideas?

    Your opinions on the rarity of the car are appreciated.