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  1. Are you suggesting that I am a waste of time? If so, I would suggest that you consider that I sent a message and did not receive a response right away. So I found another 425 nailhead and bought it. I am seldom able t get on this site, and to be 100% honest with you it is some of the attitudes that some of the guys have here that keep me away. Such as, "keep it 100% factory or you are 100% wrong", "original is the only way", and "this guy is a waste of time because he didnt meet my expectations". Had you responded right away to an enquiry when you had an item for sale, I may have purchased it.
  2. Hello all. Just chiming in here but I think any car, Restored, Custom, Driver, any car at all inspires the people that see it. Just a glance may spark a young persons interest. Who are we to say that only fully restored or fully original is acceptable? Why is it not enough that everyone be free to do whatever they choose as long as they are enjoying driving, and perhaps twisting a wrench or two in support of a great hobby. Enthusiasts of all kinds, restorers, rodders, muscle car, etc contribute to the classic cars in some way shape or form. I myself have been struggling with whether I will res
  3. Jim; The 57 Buick Special convert project has been stalled for a while unfortunately. My son and i have stripped the car down and marked the parts some time ago. We then got sidetracked a bit. Then in September my boy spotted a 68 Camaro convertible at a car show and asked the fabulous question "dad, how long before we can drive the Buick?" To which my answer was, "many years son, many years". His next statement ended up costing a few dollars and and many fine and fun hours for us both, "We need a driver then don't we?" He liked the 68 Camaro. I found a 67 Camaro RS/SS online the next day and
  4. Today I dropped off all of the chrome at a plating shop to get prices. Now, having heart palpitations waiting to hear what the price will be for every piece of chrome off my 57 Special convertible, some in excellent condition, but some that will require some serious repairs. Anyone care to venture a guess at the final cost? Being in Alberta Canada I believe that the price will shock some of my American friends and fellow car buffs. I will post the estimate if I survive the sticker shock
  5. Hello; I need two rear bumper ends for a 57 Special. willing to pay top dollar for them in any condition. Also, I have front grill, front bumper (complete with ends), all front bumper parts in very good condition with few dents and no rust. Also have an extra hood and trunk lid.
  6. Still for sale? If so I am interested. Please let me know as soon as you can.
  7. I have a 57 Special and need the rear bumper ends. Please let me know if you have any available.
  8. There is a 1965 425 Buick engine on ebay item number 130609511857. The seller states that there are no casting numbers but that it is a LW coded engine. From what I can find out online the LW engines were no ones that had 2 x 4 carbs on them. Perhaps this was an option one could add later? What can you tell me about the lack of casting numbers? 1965 seems a little late for no numbers to me. Also, the $6,300 price seems rich. What does everyone think on price? Let me know your thoughts. Thank you everyone.
  9. Thanks Rob. I actually have a suppliers here at Speedy Glass than can get the 57 windshield and glass. I think the shipping would be a killer on that crate. I will give you a call next weekend, likely Friday so we can meet up and take a look at the cars Saturday. I believe I will be going to Calgary to pick up a 1967 Camaro 350 engine for my other car. It took forever to find a near date correct 350 but I got lucky and picked one up so close to home. Now it is just a matter of the 6 or so hours to go and get it. Then it is off to the engine shop for a complete build. I look forward to a coffee
  10. Hello all; apologies for the lack of input into the forum lately. had some issues and been very busy but thought I would add a small update. Got waylaid with my son, after a year or so of working very sloooooowly on the 57 Special my boy decided that it was time to get a driver while we worked away on this one. So he decided that we needed a car to go to shows and trips. Then (he is 9 years old), he decided a 67 Camaro convertible was the car of choice...... So we found a 67 RS/SS convertible and went to Ontario to pick it up over Thanksgiving. The car is a nice driver and we have enjoyed it s
  11. I have an extra box off of a parts car. ken.shebib@colliers.com
  12. Hello all. Question time. We have confirmed that the engine is definately seized. I have decided that we will not mess with it at all from this point on. It will go straight to a shop for inspection and hopefully rebuild. My question is what if the block is cracked and unusable? How badly does this affect the car and its value? I have a second engine and transmission in the parts car that is good and not seized. But how important is matching numbers to value and future sale? I have no particular reason to suspect a cracked block but we know the following: - Head was off the passenger side of t
  13. Thanks for the info. My son is almost nine years old and is enjoying the work so far. He is not into sports but loves dance, piano, and gymnastics. I started this project to find a way to "get his hands dirty". I am pleasantly surprised at his interest level as well as his understanding of how things work. I believe this is an excellent way to spend time together as well as to create interest in something from the past. He has spent about 20 hours so far in 4 weeks. So pretty good attention for a young boy. The numbers on the engine that I located are raised and located on the front of the blo
  14. Assistance please. My engine block is stamped with 117437 Whar do the numbers mean exactly? Thanks.
  15. Hey guys and gals. Yes I have ordered the body and service manuals. The issue with the chrome was that the top pieces were bent as well as rusted on and got more damage as they came off. I have the pieces available on the parts car and will be extremely cautious as we take them off. I assumed that bracing was required and will order the braces. Does anyone have universal door braces that they no longer use and want to sell? I will post on the parts page as well. I will make sure that they are installed prior to proceeding with the body removal. Thanks for the input from everyone. I have tried
  16. Apologies for the lack of updates. The cars arrived on the 8th of September. Unfortunately the driver managed to hit a neighbors car on the way into the driveway. So more excitement than desired. The cars are in very good condition, well the convertible is anyway. Work began right away and we have managed to spend a bit of time on the tear down. Front end is now off the car, interior is stripped, all chrome is off. We are now removing the convertible top frame and window hardware and the firewall is mostly bare. The body will be off the frame by next weekend and the frame can then go for dippi
  17. I managed to find a transport company to ship both cars for $1000 through a company called ship.com. It was great, you place a bid price and companies compete. Everyone was quoting $2200. They use a 45 foot trailer with a beavertail. I would have had to take 2 uv trucks with trailers on the 7 hour drive.So I would have spent more than that on gas, trailer rental, and hotel. I recommend the site if anyone needs transportation. They were very helpful, followed up with a call, and more than 8 carriers bid.
  18. That is the plan after getting the responses that I received. The car is complete and does not seem to have had anyone messing with it to much in the past. There will be another project vehicle done while we do this one though. Instead of a hotrod we are going to attempt to build a go-kart replica of the 57. My son wants to get involved in racing karts. It should be tons of fun for both of us.
  19. Not yet. It looks like the transport company will pick them up next week, likely Wednesday or Thursday. I'm getting anxious to get started. I did get the radio in and it was in excellent condition. So no car as of yet but I have the radio to remind me that it is coming. Lol. Ken
  20. Seeking some advice. I am going to pick up 2 57 Buicks. Taking 2 18 foot trailers and 2 SUV's capable of the tow rating. The drive is about 7 hours each way. I need to know if 10,000 lb straps are good to use or if we should use chains and boomers? The straps would be much more convenient and more reasonably priced. Thanks
  21. Bob Beck; The hotel you had the steak dinner at was likely the Chatesu Lacombe perhaps? If so, it is still there. Was it in downtown Edmonton? There is also the Chateau Louis in the West end (now closed). One thing we do know how to do is beef. Alberta beef is simply the best in the world. I travel to the USA quite a lot for real estate and notice the difference every time. You have the best and friendliest people I have ever met, we have the best beef. And our beer is better as well. But I must say the American people are great. We did a week in Miami and a week in New Orleans for real estate
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