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  1. hello, I am trying to start my first project alone, I got a 47 nash ambassador 6 volt 6 cyl. when I got the car the wiring was (is still ) a mess. I rewired what I could, there are still a few loose ( not conected ) wires uner the hood, I have no idea where they go. I also broke a piece, don't know the name of it it has four wires on it and is hooked to carb and gas pedal by thin cable. During my rewireing I must have messed something up, some of the wires no longer have power, some do but still don't work. someone suggested, I hook one loose wire hanging from distrib. to my one post ignition coil (internal resisted i think) after doing so is when problems began, so took wire off and now still nothing. I ordered a service manual it goes into great detail on everything but the electrical system, can anyone help. I desperetly need a basic (easy to follow) wiring diagram maybe a firewall map and the name of the piece I broke. I am also having a hard time getting new bullet conectors to fit into old slots, is there a place to get old style bullet conectors? thanks for all the help in advance
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