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  1. NOPE! Like new Wagner 6 volt, and they test good (bright) with jumpers from battery..
  2. I replaced both cables with the correct ones from MAC's
  3. I have a 1947 Ford V8 restored in 2003 ( including a new wiring harness). It is still a 6 volt pos grd system. The headlamps appear to be "new". They are VERY dim, so much so, that I can barely see the road in front of me. The gen has been tested and is puitting out 6.5 volts. The volt reg and battery have also been tested and found to be good. I have installed new battery cables. I removed the headlamps and inspected the three prongs and the sockets for them...OK-clean. I removed the grd wire from each, sanded the ends of the contacts and the area around the hole in the buckets to bare metal and reattached the wires...no difference. The dash lights also do not work..rheostat under dash appears to be new...nothing happens when I turn it Bulbs are all OK. HELP!