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  1. Hi I'm looking for 4 U bolts, and 2 U-bolt brackets to connect rear ax to rear leaf springs. bolts are 9 3/4 long x 3 1/2 on center. brackets measure 5 x 3 1/2 at center of holes Preferably NOS. email to costello20@gmail.com
  2. Rusty is right. I have had just this problem before. I will add that just because you can hear the pump, does not mean it is pumping fuel. I did not see where you have blown out the lines. I does not take very many flakes of rust ( which you probably disturbed at the beginning of the thread when draining and then sloching a gallon of good fuel and redraining), to prevent the fuel from traveling where it needs to go. I think you need to blow some air with the fuel tank cap "off". and you may have to remove the pump and see whats going on with that if you get reverse air flow.
  3. Yes, you nailed it. The Figaro will be one of the most sought after very rare cars of the 90s. It is now.
  4. Hello Everyone, I have made a half hearted attempt to sell my wifes Buick Special Wagon, that she no longer drives, because I like it so much. Really clean and neat car. V-6, 198, all vinyl interior,"childProof". I keep paying storage on this car, and would like to find a Buick Person to own it. The Car is in Massachusetts, in a nice dry garage, easily accessible by transport truck. Runs great, with the 2 speed dual path Auto transmission. Tuurned 48,000 late this fall, for the first time! Drivers side of ffront seat is a little squishy because of worn springs, and has a 6 inch split. Gol
  5. Yes you are correct about the colors, and what they symbolize, however they all had a white roof. There were no options other than to choose your color.
  6. still for sale. I repaired exhaust. registered and inspected in 2013.
  7. Michauds Garage in Amesbury, MA is closing for good. A former Nash, Jeep Land Rover, AMC Dealer is offering a 12 foot lighted AMC MOTORS sign, as well as engine rebuilding tools never used by shop. Differential spreaderrs, special dealer tools, regular tools, come make a good deal! Call Phil at garage 978-388-1014 or email me, Dave, for other pics. Pictures of AmC sign on AMC Forum here on this AACA WEBSITE.
  8. Michaud's Garage, in Amesbury, Ma., is closing after several decades of selling Jeep, land Rover, Nash, and AMC's. For sale are many special tools, shop supplies , and Automobile Memorabilia. AMC sign available for purchase, $1000. Sign is a Lighted AMC Motors 12 feet x 2 feet x 10 inches wide. I will post some pics of tools and sign.Notice the brand new set of engine rebuilding tools that have never been used for AMC. There is a Land rover Differential spreading tool, a type of hand lath that would clamp to a vice could be to seat early valves, or shave a commutator? There is tons of stuff
  9. btt This Beauty is still here! Check it out
  10. My 1928 Studebaker President left the building today enroute to Moscow, Russia. Just wanted to thank those real nice AACA Studebaker forumees, for all the help with part numbers, service bullitens, and general information I received from you all during my stewardship of this fine 1928 President FA. Sorry it couldn't stay in this country, but any enthusiast of an american Icon such as the Studebaker is ok with me. Thank the forum for allowing me to reach someone around the world, we are all fortunate to have this website for our use, free of charge. Thanks for the knowledge. David
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