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  1. Michaud's Garage, in Amesbury, Ma., is closing after several decades of selling Jeep, land Rover, Nash, and AMC's. For sale are many special tools, shop supplies , and Automobile Memorabilia. AMC sign available for purchase, $1000. Sign is a Lighted AMC Motors 12 feet x 2 feet x 10 inches wide. I will post some pics of tools and sign.Notice the brand new set of engine rebuilding tools that have never been used for AMC. There is a Land rover Differential spreading tool, a type of hand lath that would clamp to a vice could be to seat early valves, or shave a commutator? There is tons of stuff
  2. Quite a discussion going on here. I have no comment and will not stir this nest any further. I will say, however, that it is my experience that even if you drain your radiator (flush) and fill with new stuff, all the crud in the head passages and the block as well are much more built up than you could ever have imagined. Especially on a un rebuilt pre war engine. Not to mention that an old radiator that might only be working( or perking) at 70-80%. Wish I took some pictures of what comes out, but you could spread it on toast no problem. So anything added that is thick,is potentially dangerous
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