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  1. Howdy: Working, for the past 10 years, on a 42 Model 75. The starter just suddenly quit engaging. Ran fine after starter rebuild and starter button replaced. A few loose wires in steering column being repaired but now nothing. Any names of suppliers for good aftermarket wiring diagrams and replacement wiring harness?? Any assistance or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Russ
  2. The ring gear was missing a few teeth from age. Had it re-welded and re-machined and replaced the starter drive now the Old 42 is purring like a kitten.
  3. Thanks Jeff, I plan on working more on the car in two weeks. The current owner for twenty five years recalls being told by the restorer the motor was a 47 model. I'll verify serial number and location. I am currently pulling the tranny to repair a toothless flywheel. A few teeth are missing and basically worn out. I located Northwest Transmission Parts in OH that will reweld and machine the flywheel back to almost new condition. Got there name out of Hemmings. Have you had to do any starter of flywheel repair? Any good luck stories and names of good quality suppliers are always greatly appreciated. Thanks and enjoy your week. Russ
  4. All, I have been told that the engine no. 3380469 is a 1947 346 V8..Is this correct ?? It's currently installed in a 42 Caddy Model 75 Hydra-Matic. Any help or info greatly appreciated. Enjoy your week. Russ
  5. All, Currently looking for a ring gear and Starter for the 346 V8. Any info on good suppliers and other tech help would be appreciated. Installed rebuilt starter and it found the missing teeth. Tranny was out a few years back for front seal replacement... BUT.. the shop must of missed the obvious..such is life.. Thanks and keep motoring.
  6. All, I am currently looking for a 1947 346 V8 Hydra Matic ring gear. I'm working on a 42 Model 75 and the owner has informed me it is a 47 engine and tranny. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Keep Motoring.
  7. All,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I have been working on a 42 Cadillac Model 75 and just finished installing the starter after sending it out for rebuild. Car ran fine and started numerous times and I let it set a few days. Now starter just spins and spins with no engagement of ring gear. My plan is to pull starter again, turn engine over with a wrench and inspect teeth of ring gear. Any info or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Where can I find another ring gear? Where there any engagement / starter drive issues with these OEM starters? Thanks <o:p></o:p>
  8. Also check out your local Habitat for Humanity thrift store...I was able to locate some old sheet metal book cases with glass doors. I cleaned them up with some paint, tinted the glass with mirror tint and I use them for parts and hardware storage. Also found a two bowl stainless sink with 8 in and 12 in deep bowls. Framed it in 2X4's and hung a curtin around the base and it works great for parts cleaning.
  9. Check out The Garage Journal every idea under the sun...some cool space saving tips, old renovations, tools and lots of comments about the big box guys Home Depot VS Lowes. Enjoy your week and keep motoring..Russ
  10. Thanks Lou, I downloaded and printed the catalog for Inline Tube and also talked with the tech folks and they can fabricate a tank. It looks like top shelf parts from what I saw on line and the help from the tech folks. I also talked with a gas tank supplier in Boston and he recommended a 41-48 Chevy gas tank and just relocate the filler. GM used all the same sending units and the size will work giving up about two gallons of gas capacity. Thanks Again Russ .
  11. Thanks Rusty, I will try your ideas. The Old Sea Foam solvent sure works on those frozen fittings when you have the time to soak them...I hate to put the old torch to work on some of these classics because I have had some very close calls with the big bang theory..Thanks Again Russ
  12. Will take any tech help, names of suppliers, articles, and pictures for replacing the gas tank and replumbing the gas lines. The shop manual is thin in these areas and any extra advice is greatly appreciated. Not a show car but want to return it to a safe and enjoyable weekly cruiser. Contact and 405 341 0438 OKC. Thanks Russ
  13. Don, I am a newbie to this site and THANKS for saving me $$ and time chasing my tail for parts on a 1942 Model 75 I am currently working on. Pulling mickey mouse gas tank tomorrow and starting from scratch trying to repair a fuel starvation / hesitiation issue with this restored jewel. Thanks Again Russ
  14. Hello All, I am currently repairing a 1942 Cadillac Model 75 and am in search of a gas tank. This car was restored 20 years ago and I am trying to return it to road worthy condition. The restorer installed a 50 / 60's something tank and the filler and main fuel feed has always been an issue. Any assistance, advice and tech info would be greatly appreciated. Contact info is and 405 341 0438 (OKC) Thank You Russ