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  1. Frank S, As you can see from my notes I was looking for info on these Remys and unfortunately did not receive any. Any how there is some info in the early Dykes manuals (1918). No adjustments mentioned. From what I have found out adjustments are minimal. All has to do with timing. I believe Remys will run Left or Right. I still have not found out about recharging the magnets without take the mag apart. taking these apart is not easy. I am going to try and charge the magnets the same way Model t magnets are done I need to makeup some charging coils). I bench tested mine using a direct connect
  2. Thanks everyone for the feed back, the springs I have are useable, however two of them look like they have been over compressed. I will have to keep looking and asking. I have tried to get into the Yahoo site, but for some reason not able to access, will have to keep woring on that as well.
  3. Thanks for the responce(you too carcrazy), I did take my best spring to a cylinder head shop. He, mesured and was going to search through some data books, however unless you have one in hand it is hard to tell I was throwing this out there to see if anyone may have change spring in an old buick and what they may have used.
  4. I need to replace several valve springs on my 1910 Buick model 10. Would anyone know of a good equal replacement?
  5. Hello, I was wondering if you found out the info you needed on the Remy type s and type L. I have a type S for my Buick, which turns opposite to what I need. I found out that if you take off the rotor brass plate, turn it over, there are markings for it to turn in the opposite direction. could this be the difference between n S & L? I imagine there must be a wireing difference as well. but have not been able to confirm that. Frank
  6. I was doing some reserch on Remy Mags and found your note. I have recently purchased a 1909-1910 Buick, that requires a Mag. All i know at this point is it is a Remy and might be a model R that fits it. Would it be possible to get a copy of RL manual? Thank you. If any one else out there might have some info on Mags for early Buicks I would sure appreciate the help.
  7. I have a 35 Plymouth sedan and was wondering if anyone out there would have a picture of what is suppose to be under the front seat. I am assuming it is jack and handle. However all mine are missing. So I'd like to see what should be there. Frank oldcarcollector@gmail.com
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