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  1. FWIW when I had my 47 engine rebuilt, we discovered that the back 2 cylinders on each side had been sleeved sometime in the past. The others had been bored .030 over. We ended up going to .040 over & have had no related problems.
  2. Thanks Larry - Have sent him an email.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I checked out Bumper Boyz & it seems no one has anything good to say about them. Alan Whelihan says he has a couple coming in this month. May solve my problem.
  4. Does anyone happen to have a straight rear bumper for a 47 Continental available?? I don't need the overriders, just the main bumper. Condition of the chrome not too important. I'm in Canada, but have a place in California - could pick up or arrange shipping. Thanks in advance. Iain
  5. Thanks Dee - I got him. Cheers Iain
  6. Have been trying to get hold of Merv for several weeks, no answer - have left messages. Anyone know if he's away?? My 47 LC got rear ended & I'm looking for a rear bumper & splash pan, have had no luck with Boos Herrel or Alan Whelihan. Thanks Iain
  7. I have a manual that shows the detailed proceedure. Could scan it for you & email. Email me at - iainmcclymont(at)shaw.ca Cheers Iain
  8. FWIW, I bought one of Jim's NOS manifolds about a year ago - was very happy with the manifold and the price. Cheers Iain
  9. Tore the carby apart yesterday & gave it a good cleaning - that really solved the problem. Off in an hour to the Cascades & have Dee's phone number in my pocket just in case:). Iain
  10. Turned down the idle speed & it made a huge difference. Thanks for the help. Iain
  11. No pinging - but the bucking happens at any speed, including highway speed - and in all gears. Will try turning the idle down.
  12. Thanks Dee. The distributor was done by Jake Flemming and I haven't touched it. My thinking was that since the engine runs so well otherwise, that the bucking while coasting must be an adjustment issue of some kind. I'm no mechanic, but the only things I could think of that could be adjusted are the carb & the vacuum brake. The carb is the one I got from you, and works well - so could it be the idle speed? Also, I do have a spare distributor, also rebuild by Jake, that I could put on if you think that may be the problem. Thanks for the help. Iain
  13. Am getting my 47 Continental ready for it's debut run down to Washington State next week for the Sea Tac HCCA Red Carpet Tour. The engine runs smooth and strong - except when I come off the throttle, to go down a hill for example, then it starts to buck. It has been suggested to me that the idle might be a bit too high, so will try & slow it down a bit. I don't have a good undertanding of the vacuum brake on the distributor - could that be a factor?? Any thoughts & ideas appreciated. Thanks Iain in Campbell River BC
  14. Anybody have any experience replacing the rear quarter windows on a 47 LC?? Have been working on this for days & not getting very far. Unfortunately, I wasn't the one who took them out, so am having to re-invent the wheel. There must be a proper sequence & a few tricks to doing it, would appreciate any help. Thanks, Iain
  15. Here's another (probably stupid) question - recently got an NOS intake manifold for my 47 LC from a forum member & it has 4 bolt holes for the carb as opposed to the 3 on the old one. My engine guy tells me he can build an adapter plate with no problem, but I'm wondering why the difference?? Iain
  16. Thanks Dee. Got it spinning freely now & the odometer and tripmeter seem be be working fine. On to the next task. Iain
  17. Thanks Dee - you always come through for me. What would you suggest I lube it with? Light oil? Graphite? WD40? Also, should I use a solvent to get the old stuff out?? Thanks. Iain
  18. With my 47 LC disassembled, have been cleaning various parts. Have cleaned the glass & housing of the speedometer & it looks great - should I take it apart further & lubricate the insides?? It seems to me that the drive is a little stiff to turn. If so, any tricks to taking it apart - and what should I lube it with?? TIA Iain in Campbell River
  19. Thanks Doug. I think I've located what I need so far - Alan Whelihan has .040 bearings , and a gentleman from the forum has an NOS intake manifold he's willing to part with. Still waiting for the full shopping list from my engine guy. Will call if he finds something else. Iain.
  20. The engine's out of my 47 LC now & several ugly problems have been discovered. Apparently who ever did the engine 30 or so years ago put 7 pistons in backwards, resulting in severe scoring of the cylinder walls. 4 cylinders already have sleeves in them. They also didn't torque down the intake manifold properly & it is cracked in five places. The crankshaft is also in need of machining, but has already been turned down 20 thou. So I need to find bearings that are 40 over, or another crankshaft -plus a new intake manifold. Anybody know of someone who might have these?? Any help appreciated. Iain in Campbell River
  21. It'll be a driver & we're going with the base/clear, but I would like it to be reasonably close to an original colour. A couple of years ago I got my 40 Packard repainted - the guys that did it were to match the existing Packard Blue and they didn't come close. It looks good, but still bothers me - so I want this one to be right. That said, I think I will end up having to go pick a modern colour that I like. They've got it all apart now, so I have a month or so to decide. Thanks Iain
  22. FWIW, my local Napa store managed to cross reference a Nason/DuPont number for me: 41961 Cabernet they say is a match. I haven't seen a sample yet tho. Iain
  23. Thanks for the info guys - I was hoping someone would have a PPG number, or something that could be matched to a PPG (or other current) number. I'll keep looking. Iain
  24. My 47 LC is going in for body & paint work today - I've decided to change the colour to Lincoln Maroon (from dark blue). Does anyone have any info I can pass on to them so they can get the colour right?? TIA, Iain in Campbell River
  25. Oops - page 15 is missing too. Iain