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  1. Everybody here is telling me that parts can't be found for Lancias. Since you own several, I hope you can help me. Can you get parts for your cars in Italy, and can they be gotten in Italy to be sent to America?
  2. I had only hoped to get an estimate in the form of a spread, as in XX,000.00-XX,000.00. Wouldn't be happy with the figure in NADA. AS to wanting to know more about the car, if you're in the LA area arangements can be made to look at it in person A car this rare, and in this shape, should certainly be worth more than it's book value. I'm looking for a buyer more in the Jay Leno catagory who is more interested in adding to a collection rather than driving enough to need parts. Also, I'm sure parts can be found in Italy. Im going to check that out. I'm going to have to put this on hold for a little while. I've got something else to take care of. Anyone wanting to can still post and I'll be checking in.
  3. Still waiting for advice as to estimated value. Doesn't anybody know, or know how I can find out?
  4. Looking for any information and suggestions on this car. See my Thread under "General Discussion"
  5. Thanks Dave, I'm thinking of posting this on the Italian car forum as well. Do you think that would be a good idea?
  6. Mr.Saxton, You have given me some great information. I appreciate it very much. If you can find any more info for me I'd be very grateful. Do you have any sugestions about where I can get any info as to salability and sales price?
  7. Here are two pictures of the Lancia Appia.
  8. Thank you for the information. Assuming it's in as good a shape as I say, what do you think the value might be?
  9. None yet but will get some. Do you think it's of interest?
  10. Trying to get more information on this car. Excellent condition. Always kept under cover. Runs well. All original parts. Suicide Doors? (what is that?). Looks fantastic. Like to find out if there is any interest, and what the value is. :confused: Note:Car is in Los Angeles.
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