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  1. Hi Alan, well it's been a while since I have heard from you .I hope you and your family is well therein sunny California. The last three days Tinker Field Air Force Base is been closed because of the blizzard ,snow storm we had here. I may get to go back to work on Friday. Alan, the person in Seattle told me he would buy the 16 valve car. Said that he owns one 16 valve and one 8 valve TC. I believe it is most likely he will choose to use this car as a parts car. I have never sold a car on the Internet before and I hope the deal goes okay. I believe that me and this man have a gentleman's
  2. I would like to thank everyone that has showed interests in the 16 valves TC. As of today I have received a gentlemen's agreement to purchase the car. So at this time I would like to let everyone know that it appears to be sold. Thanks to everyone, Bob
  3. I have been asked and rightly so to list on the flicker pictures which is for the 90 model. I will try listing the pictures by numbers that identify the 1990 model V-6 TC. There are 6 pages of pictures on the link that has my cars on it. I will list the page number and in what picture number on that page represents the 90 model. Page 1, 1489,94,95,96, 1502,03,11,12. Page 2,pics 1413,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,23,26. Page 3, 1427,28,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,64,82,83,84,85. Page 4, 1452. Pages 5 and 6 pics show the 1989 16 valves. Page 1,2,3,4, any pics numbers that are not mentioned above are also fo
  4. I would like very much to talk to on the phone about a 90 model TC. Because of my dyslexia and I'm forced to use Dragon speaking program, the program and I make a lot of mistakes and I know sometimes it's not clear what I'm trying to say about the car. The reason I would like you to call me at work which is after 9:30 p.m.Oklahoma time, is because my wife does not want me to sell the TCs. She likes it that I have a hobby that keeps me close to home. The building I work in at Tinker Air Force Base is a shielded building because the equipment I work with and on, uses classified frequencies, so s
  5. These are the pictures of the 89 16 valve and 90 v-6 I have for sale. Flickr: collier70's Photostream Message me if you are interested! Thanks!
  6. I touck a bunch of pitchers today, of both my TC's. And with the help of my daughter I plan on having these pits on this forum within 24 hours. Have a nice day,Bob
  7. OK, I have some pitchers of both TCs the 1990 V6 and the 1989 16 valves. But I cannot figure out how to put them on this forum . I have them in two different folders one for each TC. But I'm not very computer literate ,So if someone can tell me how to do that I'll be happy to display the pitchers. I am not easily sure how to put them on an e-mail. If I cannot figure it out on my own, I will ask my daughter to help me tomorrow. My daughter is out of town today. Please be patient I'll get all the pitchers and details as soon as I get some help. Thanks Bob:eek:
  8. HI ALL, this is to post information about my 1990 V6 TC it is for sale. I bought this car several months ago from West Texas. It currently has a Texas title. The person I bought this car from had it listed on this forum.Tom the previous owner said he had owned the car since 1999 and this was the third transmission he had to put it, so he was selling because did not have reverse gear. I bought the car and had a transported from Texas to Oklahoma. The person that transported the car from Texas said that when he picked the car up it started, went into reverse and he drove it onto the trailer. Whe
  9. HI All, to start off with a need let you know I have dyslexia. And I'm using a dragon speaking program to write this e-mail so please bear with me. Yes I have two TC's have a 1989 16 valves, five speed manual transmission. This is a complete car with an Oklahoma title. The car is yellow, ginger, tan. When I bought this car from the previous owner it was not running. I had to have the car transported and it cost me $300.00. The car is currently on Jack stands . The first thing I found it was wrong with the car was that the engine controller logic board and a whole blown it, caused by corrosion
  10. I would like to sell my 2 TCs. #1 is a 1989 ,16 valve TC for $2,500.00 or OBO. this car is complete, but need restoring if you read my old threads you will see that I have put some new part on both TCs. #2 is my 1990 ,V6 TC for $1,300.00 or OBO this car is complete runs and drives . The TCs are yellow. All so a red 1983 380SL Mercedes parts car $800.00 or OBO.You can e-mail me at collier70@sbcglobal.net for complete details and pictures. If no one on this forum e-mails me. I will have to put them on Ebay.Thanks Bob
  11. Hi I have a question, please do not take my questions or comments as a judgment just food for thought. I'm just trying to understand why you would not use the 16 valves Lotus designed Turbo cylinder head engine in your LeBaron GTS. From what I have seen on this forum and other Mopar forums there are plenty of those engines out there and the parts are away more reasonable and easier to find. And they have managed to build up this engine to a lot of horsepower. I do have a 1989 complete TC car, the TC car that I have from what I can tell has not been altered or molested, everything seems to be
  12. ghostymosty, I would like to thank you for your speedy assessment of this TC. But believe you me, I am really amazed at the details, you have been able to see. I definitely see that you are right up there with Twin cam and Hemi in my assessment. If I am right I think I have seen on some of your threads, that you do not care much for the burgundy TCs. I have been looking for some months now and the majority of these cars , in that color have really bad fading and peeling paint . Thanks again, very much appreciated. Bob
  13. Members,Look on e-bay 290525439507 There is a 1989 TC with the current bid under $ 2,000 with no reserve. I am new to this forum and the pictures may be misleading. If one fo the :)members with more experience will look at these pictures and let me now if it is worth buying. Or at least someone in the club could pick this car up. I would appreciate it, any information that someone can send it to me on my home e-mail collier70@sbcglobal.net or private message on the AACA forum. I may be crazy but I always like that Burgundy color TC. have a nice day Bob
  14. Alan, you and anyone else that maybe interested can go to my profile. I had a little bit of a problem putting the pictures on this forum. So if you go to MB91560 profile, and click on the picture of my 84 380 SL you can see the pictures, that I have upload at this point. It will take some effort and sometime for me to learn how to navigate in this forum. Because of my dyslexia it really slows me down. The speech recognition system I'm using is Dragon 7 preferred which I bought about seven years ago and never could get to work. One of the remarkable things about dyslexia is that when I turn
  15. Hello fellow TC forum members, I have posted some pictures of two other Mercedes that I have restored over the years and currently drives on a rotation basis, as my daily drivers. As you look at the pictures you'll see a 1984 380 SL cream color, a 1983 380 SL red in color, and a black 1991 560 SEC. Over the years I have owned and restored many Chrysler products. I still have in my possession a 1953 New Yorker deluxe two-door hardtop, 1954 New Yorker deluxe two-door hardtop, a 1955 Imperial four-door, 1959 Imperial crown two-door hardtop. Within the last year I had bought 2 TC's a 1989 16 valve
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