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  1. the vin would had been stamped in the lift side wood frame right near the front of drivers side seat, i would buy one of those vin number plates on ebay and put one on the fire wall and use any number?

    i sold a 31 3 window chevy that was just a frame and body when i got it , i found a title on ebay and it was used with no problem but when i sold it to a guy in ILL he waited till this year and there messing with him also

    the title i had was for a "chevy 2 door"

    well he said a dot guy looked up the engine number and found out it was from a 4 door ae model and the state would not title it for him? i guess he bought another car from NY that had a title and used my running gear?

    go figure ,I may have a 31 chevy title but not sure?

    some guy from calif wanted to buy a 2 d sedan i had for $2000 and just send hi a title?

    good luck

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