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  1. Thanx Pacerman, Great pics, exactly what I am doing. I see The Engine was olive green like I thought, But I am Not Sure of Body Paint yet. I think It Should be Patomic Blue Though
  2. I got the 292 chevy and trans they had in it out. When i return it I will Get the flathead 8. Here are some pics.
  3. I recently purchased a 1937 Pontiac 4 sedan. style 37-2819, Body#3624, Trim#40V, Paint 1-D. Can Anybody tell me about what colors this car had original. I am Stripping to the frame Will Paint the frame. New bushings & King pins, The Engine is going to the machine shop for building & I would also like to paint it with original color Engine Paint. still Runs but needs Lots of TLC. thanx for your help