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  1. Hi Rex I have bought this motor. I think it is only the Rod on the Commander (B) that is the Babbitted Type. The motor I have , which is a 34 , has Shell bearings on the Mains and Babbitt on the Rods. You can clearly see the Jugs as well. Peter
  2. This is a picture of the back of my hub, it can be seen that the pressing was done by Budd in November of 1934 and you can also see how oval the mounting holes are. The other numbers may be pressing/part numbers.
  3. Hi Steve, Thank You. The wheels I have do not have the studs on the back. Are they sixteen Inch diameter? Are they four and a half Inch Wide?. They look very much the same as what I am looking for.Regards, Peter
  4. Hi Rex , Thanks for the lead , This may be the only way to go . I am no different to the person looking for the last 1934 , 16 inch wheel also on this forum . I also took a tape to the garage only to find that my spares are also 17 inch. I also am hoping one " Pops out of the Woodwork". Thanks again, Regards.
  5. The car is progressing well. Come on guys look in your garages, I am sure there must be a wheel somewhere. These are the same wheels as on the cover of "The Antique Studebaker Review" November-December 1997, Volume 27, No.4. I will need to get them shipped to Dallas TX. Thanks.
  6. Wanted : Optional Wire Wheel for 1935 Studebaker . I need one , but would be happy if I can find more than one . The Rim is 16 x 4.5 and has 40 spokes .
  7. I am looking for parts for a 1935 Studebaker, Budd wire wheels 4.5-16 , 5 good hubcaps for these wheels, complete headlamps, front grille and surround. Thank You, Peter.
  8. Hi there, Please let me know if #1 the 1935 Studebaker speedometer is for sale. Regards Peter