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  1. have the above car being restored: see the light at the end of the tunnel, almost, need some info: on the passengers side in the grill area there is a hole approx. 3" in diameter, what is it's purpose? thought it may be for fresh air intake for the heater? things don't line up for this application. don't remember what was there from a couple of years ago.....have photo's if needed. regards b.j.
  2. been a while - still have not given up on finding a drivers window garnish molding for a 37 packard business coupe. guess i will have to get in touch with the bearded man in the red suit see if he can help. come on guys, someone knows someone who has this piece, yes i would like some cheese with this whine.
  3. how about a 1947 international truck:D
  4. parking was fair, go to moltrie, ga. daytona,swap meet costs 10$+ per person to get in, still have to walk a mile if your not real early. fun, first time there, only one rude "members tent" too good to even say hello, we arrived at 6:30 each morning, only one car between us and the entrance to the swap meet.
  5. can's? what can's? did not hear a one! batteries went dead in my hearing aids.
  6. 1949 studebaker 4 lug wheel-none found at hershey;
  7. sorry to have taken so long to answer mike: been taking a nap , the item that is installed on my pump is about 1 1/2 inches tall, about 3/4 in diameter, has a 1/8 pipe thread to screw into the pump, discharge side, has no lines going to or from, beats the heck out of me.... b.j.
  8. i am not sure-maybe some one will step up with the information. b.
  9. must have been something i ate: the above is all wrong! should be 1939/40 convertible door garnish molding.....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  10. garnish molding for the above: both have been bead blasted, etched/primed/sealed, ready for your finish, excellent condition. $125.00 plus ship. from 32063
  11. ok now someone educate me on my 39 jr. 6 cyl. the carb has a small "container" on the outlet side of the carb. looks like an air chamber of some sort. what is the purpose??? b.
  12. maybe a heat riser tube assembly? SWAG b..
  13. you might check the catalog for a "pipe" that fit's into the steering box behind the light switch. part # 3537T will control/stop the leak. my .02 enjoy the A.
  14. the only advise i can offer on building a header by the seat of your pants-be patient! as jeff said in one of his e mails: it's a BEAR! intense labor, grover, my friend who is taken on this job, has found some new *(&&*( words) to use on things that don't go just the way they are suppose to....with all that being said i got mine today fits very nice, think grover has found the "nitch" to finish up the other 5 that he has cut out. he should have another one ready in a couple of days: give him a call if you are interested in one: 904 335 7797, while all this has been going on, i have gotten the 37 coupe running, driving-to some degree-the brakes are push and pray for the time being, very exciting even in the yard. now that the header is done, i can get back on the convertible. thanks for all the encourgement
  15. need both window garnish moldings and window-shield molding for a 1937 3 window business coupe (6 cyl) thanks.
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